the Mondrian series (2013)

I am interested in the construct of an image, specifically how the digital image can be manipulated to contemporary notions of sight and seeing.

The idea that the image has already had an existence in many different forms or materiality intrigues me. The lifespan of an image; painted on a canvas, shot on photo negatives, turned by the digital world of zeros and ones and then by me made into a physical object creates a new dialogue that blends the virtual and physical.

Straight lines were crucial for Mondrian's ideal of harmony and order, which he achieved by reducing the image to vertical and horizontal lines and the use of primary colors. I decided to simplify Mondrian’s ideal even more by only using a tool that is designed to create the straight line. Over time, 4/5 days, each laser levels loose its brightness and eventually disappears. When the batteries die, they will be replaced with new batteries. This performative element of the piece is being repeated over the time of the exhibition, and therefore creating a new and continuous dialogue to Mondian’s ideal of harmony and order.

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