RUSH (2011)

by MarioA

RUSH is a time-lapse phonography piece where I recorded twelve hours of my life using a set of binaural microphones. The recording was then time compressed down to twelve minutes. Animation by Christopher Ennis.

sound art
Full Description

My intention with RUSH was to see to what extent I could use digital technology to distort and manipulate our reality. We live in a world where digital technology has become an integral part of our reality to the point where our current system of life cannot function without it. It is so deeply rooted in our reality that it is progressively changing our perception of it. New digital technologies and social networking compress distances between humans and distort time. For that reason, I decided to time-compress a slice of my life to see what patterns will emerge and if they would have any meaning, musical or not.

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Artist Statement

My work explores human perception of reality through sound and how digital technology can be used to manipulate and distort that reality.

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