The eye doesn't know (2006)

The eye doesn�t know (That which the eye doesn't know it sees) pursues the inside aspect of an ongoing performance and elaborates on what seems to be hidden and covered from the audience, from the curious eye of the spectator.

The artwork consists of two video monitors, placed adjacent from one another. Monitor 1 displays a dancer performing a solo. The video is not based on regular video sequences but on (photo) stills that are taken and edited according to real-time in a video like format. Monitor 2 displays the same dancer in a neutral white space, performing the choreography of the solo in a purely mental state. The dancer is recorded on dv in a close-up and fix frame (one-single-shot in real-time, no editing)

In addition, the audience can select between the original score/language of the dance piece, the dancer talking about the solo work and random public broadcasting. All video and sound tracks are in sync, monitors, headphones and a switch board define one unit. The application runs in loops.

The eye doesn't know is considered for display at the Vienna based Impulstanz Festival/

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(Video installation) "The eye doesn

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