Eye Opener's - Censored Porn & No Flesh Guaranteed (2001)

by 1000191

Modified and artified pornography.

Full Description

No flesh Guaranteed by Eye Opener. Eye Opener explores new feral intimacies & sexual territories by exploiting Internet images that have originally been created by pornographers. In using it's raw material, cutting out the flesh & creating visual, digital-scapes. All the flesh (bodies) of the individuals who were once in the images have been extricated & replaced either with voids or other space fillers. It brings home the sense that the idea of sex can be integrated with the visual. The forms that you see are going through the function/activity of sex declaring a new beauty, opening up new vistas offering a substituted view of pornography. Anyone can look at these images, either to view them as abstract or figurative, playful in form & concept. These works also do exist as large prints that are exhibited in underground venues. The reason for this is because copyright laws are still dominant on new art such a this, that dares to create new intentions/inventions out of the old. viewing the Internet as a creative resource & having no problems in using images that are designed to manipulate the desires of a world that is trapped within market remits. Desire is the ultimate commodity, that is also our own freedom at the same time being our decoys. By claiming these images Eye Opener is reclaiming his own space out there on his own terms as an imaginative entity. Identity is not important, what is far more important is the enactment of what he does, & the freedom that this activity offers. A visceral prominence is at once exploding onto your screens, not caring who you are, only that you have eyes & are human. You can also find them on the streets of London pasted up on street walls & billboards. Eye Opener wishes to thank furtherfield.org & rhizome.org for declaring their rare & valuable insight in having this work on their web sites.

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