Launched Tuesday, March 1st 2005 is pleased to announce the opening of our third online exhibition curated from works in the Rhizome ArtBase, an archive of over 1400 new media artworks established in 1999. The show is entitled "Raiders of the Lost ArtBase" and is curated by Michael Connor, Curator at FACT in Liverpool.

Unlike past exhibitions, "Raiders of the Lost ArtBase" takes the form of a blog. Connor "will be tunneling into the Rhizome ArtBase until his eyes bleed, hunting for buried treasures both ancient and new," selecting works sequentially, over the course of several weeks, and posting them to the "Raiders" website. Here, viewers may not only browse the evolving exhibition, but also add to it by interjecting comments about the works. Viewers may also receive the exhibition in a live, distributed format by syndicating it or subscribing to its RSS feed:

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The first work Connor has unearthed is "Zombie and Mummy" (2002), Dragan "Drax" Espenschied (DE) and Olia Lialina’s (RU) serial comic strip about two ancient misfit-buddies looking for hobbies and meaning on the Internet and elsewhere. Drax is also responsible for the epic design of "Raiders of the Lost ArtBase," which is a vertically scrolling tour from the gif-strewn cosmos to the seventh circle of ArtBase hell. "Scrolling is good," explains Drax, "because people need more exercise."