Past Rhizome exhibitions
Wednesday, November 15th 2006 at Second Life's Ars Virtua gallery & The Italian Academy, Columbia University
Curated by Marisa Olson

13 Most Beautiful Avatars by Eva and Franco Mattes (aka, an exhibition in Second Life's increasingly popular Ars Virtua gallery --a virtual nonprofit arts organization-- captures the most visually dynamic and celebrated "stars" of Second Life. The Matteses have been living in the virtual world, Second Life ...

Launched Tuesday, August 1st 2006
Curated by Lauren Cornell

The works in Faultines consider the desires, fictions and anxieties embedded in online communities, and also reveal how "real-world" issues, such as commerce and international politics, drive relationship in the virtual sphere just as they do offline.

This exhibition is part of Times Shares.

Launched Wednesday, May 3rd 2006 at the New Museum
Curated by Marisa Olson

The GIF Show takes the pulse of what some net surfers have dubbed 'GIF Luv,' a recent frenzy of file-sharing and creative muscle-flexing associated with GIFs (Graphic Interchange Format files).

Launched Saturday, April 1st 2006

Eleven projects were awarded grants for the 2005-2006 cycle; each one pushes formal and conceptual boundaries of works made with the Internet or networked technology. The eleven projects awarded commissions this year are now online.

Explore innovative works by Dave Burns, Matias Viegener and Austin Young, Jason Corace and Vicky ...

Friday, March 10th 2006 at Cinemascope Gallery
Curated by Marisa Olson

Part of the Curator's Choice program at this year's Scope-New York Art Fair, All Systems Go! features high-tech, low-tech, and hybrid work exploring digital, representational, political, and social systems. This exhibition constitutes an expansion of Rhizome's mission to connect art and technology. The artists comment on systems ...

Launched Tuesday, January 10th 2006
Curated by Rhizome + free103point9

An online exhibition of web-based projects selected from an open call for submissions. Surge includes works by artists 31 Down, Abe Linkoln and Marisa Olson, Angel Nevarez and Alex Rivera, NYSAE (New York Society for Acoustic Ecology), Jim Punk, and Leslie Sharpe. The featured projects employ new media tools to ...

Launched Friday, October 28th 2005
Curated by Marina Grzinic

"The idea behind the following exhibition's selection, or let's call it a temporary convergence of forces, is to think Internet art radically different from those projects and activities on the net that nurture only their design aspects, without questioning the logic of their appearances or the social matrix ...