YouThreebe (2007) - Jeff Crouse





YouThreebe is a tool that allows users to make triptychs out of YouTube videos.


Online Dating (2009) - Math Wrath


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YouTube Records (2009) - JODI


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Cursor (2008) - Ilia Ovechkin



Random Rules


From AIDS-3D's Selections

Many believe that since the launch of YouTube in 2005, the history of the moving image has diverted from its canonical route. The website, which makes it possible for anyone who can use a computer to post a video, reaches millions of people daily. Like no other time before, it is now possible for amateur videos, music videos, film footage, commercials and news segments as well as (in some cases) artists' videos to be mingled together in a random way, free of any preconceived hierarchy or system. According to Fokidis, the active use of YouTube is a form of curating and "Different people's 'playlists' are transformed into exhibitions and "tagging" becomes a process of random archiving." For PULSE PLAY>Random Rules, Fokidis has invited several emerging and established artists to create their very own playlists thereby presenting these artists not only as artists, but as curators and as collectors as well. Artists include Andrea Angelidakis, Aids 3D, AVAF, Pablo Leon de la Barra, Erick Beltran, Keren Cyter, Jeremy Deller, Cerith Wyn Evans, Dominique Gonzalez Foerster, Dora Garcia, Rodney Graham, Annika Larsson, Matthieu Laurette, Ingo Niermann, Miltos Manetas, Ahmet Ogut, Angelo Plessas, Lisi Raskin, Linda Wallace.


Editor's Note: Artist-selected videos on the "Random Rules" YouTube playlist (link below) will be on view this week at the Pulse Play video art lounge at Pulse Art Fair in New York City. The fair opens tomorrow.


Performed Listening (Boomerang) (2009) - Marisa Olson





Monster (2009) - Pascual Sisto




healing (2008) - Daniel Luphoa Chew



My Ceiling Fan (2009) - Chad Corbi



Highlights from 2008


2008 calendar tags b&cream.jpg

In lieu of a "Best of" we've decided to pull together projects, events and developments within the field of art and technology that we felt were noteworthy. Like all year-end reviews, it would be impossible for this list to be entirely exhaustive, however we do hope that it is, at the very least, indicative of some of the most compelling directions and ideas in circulation over the past 12 months. Rhizome staff John Michael Boling and Ceci Moss assembled this list, with input from Caitlin Jones.

  • Heavy Light Screening Organized by Takeshi Murata at Deitch Projects August 23rd
    I (Ceci) viewed this screening at Deitch, but the same program was also organized at the Mattress Factory as part of the exhibition PREDRIVE: After Technology. While curated by Murata independently of the PREDRIVE show, the program serendipitously hits on some of the same themes. It featured new work by Yoshi Sodeoka, Ben Jones, Devin Flynn, Eric Wareheim and Tim Heidecker, Eric Fensler, Ara Peterson and Dave Fischer, Melissa Brown and Siebren Versteeg, Billy Grant and Takeshi Murata. The videos were followed by live performances by Nate Boyce and Robert Beatty. Murata also screened a number of films on 16mm by experimental animator Adam Beckett, whose work has had little public exposure.

    See "From Bell Labs to Best Buy: Takeshi Murata and Jacob Ciocci in Conversation with PREDRIVE: After Technology Curator Melissa Ragona" on Rhizome
  • Snow Canon (1981) from crystalsculpture

  • Javier Morales's crystalsculpture: 2 /3 /4 YouTube accounts.
    Morales brings together a diverse selection of bootleg art videos, vintage commercials, and other video oddities all culled from his extensive VHS and Laserdisc collection. After watching his uploaded videos, be sure to check out his YouTube favorites on each account.
  • Club Internet, Netmares/Netdreams, Why + Wherefore
    In a recent essay for ...
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