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Olia Lialina

She uses the search engine like talking to God.

Domenico Quaranta

The artist behind a well-known meme on the ownership of images in the internet age.

Prosthetic Knowledge

"What is art? Privacy exposed to radiant light."

Ceci Moss

When Orpheus’ beloved Eurydice dies, he cajoles his way into the underworld with his musical ...

Marisa Olson

Joseph Del Pesco is over caffeinated. from lee Walton on Vimeo. Beth O'Brien is ...

John Michael Boling

From the artist's statement:

. Experiment


Image: Angelos Plessas, Still from 'ElectricityComesFromAnother Planet.com' Proposal We are pleased to announce the ...

. Opinion

Marisa Olson

Critical Art Ensemble co-founder Dr. Steven Kurtz has been cleared of all charges in what ...

. First Look

Marisa Olson

By now, many Rhizome readers are familiar with the ordeal endured by Steve Kurtz, a ...