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Aria Dean

Mez Breeze's writing practice mixes computer code and human language, subverting both.

Harry Burke

Transforming printed poems through erasure and overlay.

Harry Burke

Ekphrastic poetry for the album 'R Plus Seven.'

Harry Burke

The short film "Was Being Moved" takes the form of a series of postcards to ...

Harry Burke

Ambient speedreading of two notoriously difficult texts.

Harry Burke

New online poetry works, every Monday through April 6.

Harry Burke

"emotional geography, eyeless interaction, internalised everything."

Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal

Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal on a new publication that queers the epistolary form.


Topics and people discussed in our ephemeral blog posts in August 2014.

. Experiment

Lindsay Howard

Rotting fruit, dribbling bodies, and sculpture as poetry.

. Opinion


Kev's first public reading of his poetry and the NYC launch of 'Cunny Poem ...

. First Look

Kenneth Goldsmith

"Syntax is the arrangement of the army," John Cage said. Computer networks are too, but ...