. Net Art Anthology

Michael Connor

"It unfolded in lame time." On Cheryl Donegan's 1997 HTML artwork.

Michael Connor

Mouchette's Private Encounter is featured in a front page exhibition on Rhizome.org.

Sofia Leiby & Jaakko Pallasvuo

Art is a role-playing game.

Harry Burke

New online poetry works, every Monday through April 6.

Michael Connor

Revisiting the work of an Argentine poet who thought of written language as performance.

Rob Horning and Amalia Ulman

"Authenticity grounded in artless spontaneity...can be replaced by authenticity which is constituted by strategy ...

Michael Connor

A five-month social media performance inspired by extreme makeover culture.

Michael Connor

In a recorded iMessage chat, David Kravitz and Frances Stark satirize Silicon Valley culture and ...

. Artist Profile

Jesse Darling

On RV asceticism, ice cream truck sociology, and life as a LARP.

Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal

A recent performance by Eugene Kotlyarenko invokes the figure of the troll, the "self-declared other ...

Ceci Moss

A new 12" offers up web browsing as a sonic experience, and searches for a ...