Ceci Moss

A new 12" offers up web browsing as a sonic experience, and searches for a ...

Michael Connor

#rhizome #revolution #youandme #changingtheworld

Gene McHugh

"To the extent that people know his name, Nate Hill is a controversial figure in ...

Ben Fino-Radin

Self-proclaimed “interface artist” Johannes P Osterhoff begins a new performance work, titled “Dear Jeff Bezos."

Yin Ho

Still from Art21 Telethon, May 2012

Melissa Gira Grant

Peter Merrington

The projects of German artist, Agnes Meyer-Brandis, flirt with the construction of scientific knowledge, grasping ...

Orit Gat

The discipline of art history used to have a sound, the click and growl of ...

Orit Gat

For the past ten months, Iraqi-born New York–based artist Wafaa Bilal has been documenting ...