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Michael Connor

Sampled brushstrokes from historical paintings appear in a collage that evokes a contemporary experience of ...

Sofia Leiby & Jaakko Pallasvuo

Art is a role-playing game.

Zachary Kaplan

Curating art and media cultures for the gallery and web.

Lindsay Howard

"A lot of the websites I have made are about some kind of misplaced longing ...

Zachary Kaplan

Cant believe that can happen? Spammer-Human-Love.

Joanne McNeil

Gamaliel Rodriguez - Gamaliel Rodriguez, The alternate identity (from the series ‘Issues’), 2010, acrylic on canvas ...

Ceci Moss

Watercolor on canvas with animated digital projection; Approx 3 hour loop [VIDEO] LINK »

. Experiment

Ceci Moss

Why the Earth is Green, 2010 The exhibition focuses on large-scale landscape paintings whose topographies ...

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. First Look

Ceci Moss

In the last year my practice has grown out of the studio in the form ...