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Olia Lialina

Observations from the year 2000 on being a Famous Net Artist.

Paul Soulellis

Lost for two months after Google's deletion, 'Zac's Freight Elevator' is now preserved ...

Michael Connor

On hypertext and memory in Olia Lialina's groundbreaking 1996 work.

Claire L. Evans

VNS Matrix's groundbreaking 1990s cyberfeminist work examined in the context of manifestos, worldbuilding, and ...

Michael Connor

Net Art Anthology, Rhizome's two-year online exhibition of net art history, launches with a ...

Fiona Shipwright

An artist profile of Ingrid Burrington by Fiona Shipwright.


Major forthcoming online exhibition to retell the story of net art.


Welcoming the latest addition to our curatorial team.

Eleanor Ford

The latest in a series of interviews with artists who have a significant body of ...

. Experiment

Michael Connor

Might it also happen to us? Indeed it might.

. Opinion

Gaby Cepeda

Their bodies become temporary bodies.

. First Look

Marisa Olson

An interview about the thirteen-year history of the Whitney Museum artport.