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Fairlight CMI on "This Week" ABC TV

Nat Roe

One of the foremost hive-minds of spectralism today is at the University of California’s ...

Ceci Moss

Severed Heads on ABC Television's program "Edge of the Wedge" in 1986 Originally founded ...

Lisa Dent

An interview with curator James Voorhies, who is the Director and Chief Curator of Bureau ...

Ceci Moss

A brief glimpse of Daphne Oram's pioneering and unique Oramics synthesizer, designed in 1957 ...

Ceci Moss

This is a didactic film in disguise. A progression of brilliant geometric shapes bombard the ...

. Experiment

Ceci Moss

Video by Tom DeWitt, Vibeke Sorensen and Dean Winkler. Music by Vibeke Sorensen. Originally via ...

. Opinion

Ceci Moss

NOTE: This is one of the pieces from an ongoing psychedelic/ambient video project*.

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