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Michael Connor

'Segmentation.Network' plays back over 600,000 drawings created by Mechanical Turk workers for an ...

Nora N. Khan

The Facebook sticker set Business Fish is a diagram for the management of emotional capital.

Aurelia Guo

"In MySpace genres I'd call it cobweb/net-art/prayer room."


Topics and people discussed in our ephemeral blog posts in August 2014.

Michael Connor

In a recorded iMessage chat, David Kravitz and Frances Stark satirize Silicon Valley culture and ...

Harry Burke

"I find using technology to critique a problem more interesting than having a technological solution."

Megan Heuer

How could Crary's polemical critique of our sleepless culture intersect with a consideration of ...

Jason Huff

Excerpt from Marx After Duchamp, or The Artist's Two Bodies by Boris Groys on ...

Ceci Moss

DIS Magazine are killin' it again with their newly released "Labor Issue" which examines work ...