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Prosthetic Knowledge

In 2013, the Oculus Rift reignited interest in virtual reality.

Ceci Moss

I met with artist, musician, educator and circuit-bending guru Pete Edwards last week, as he ...

Ceci Moss

This and that thought. takes the form of a narrative. Visually, the project consists of ...

Joshua Noble

An interview with artist Zach Gage, who critically engages the nature of data within the ...

Ceci Moss

The Future of Art was shot from the 1st through the 6th of February 2011 ...

. Experiment

Michelle Kasprzak

Recently, Adobe Systems Incorporated released a new product. Not an update to its existing suite ...

. Opinion

Ceci Moss

A virtual environment, with multiple levels, produced for Philadelphia's Extra Extra Gallery.

. First Look

Nat Roe

Peter Blasser is an audio alchemist: technician, musician, and guru rolled into one. Blasser’s ...