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Lindsay Howard

Rotting fruit, dribbling bodies, and sculpture as poetry.

Yin Ho

Jim Sanborn's cryptographic sculptures, pieces on atomic energy, and large-scale projections might already seem ...

Jason Huff

Signal Path is a site-specific sound installation for one performer. Sensors monitor eight electroencephalographic signals ...

Joanne McNeil

The difficulty in making work now is that there’s this model of how a ...

Jason Huff

In addition to Light Industry's recent restaging of Anthony McCall's 1975 Long Film ...

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Cao Fei "Play Time" at Lombard Freid Projects: Play Time Fingerboard Park Installation, 2011

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Karen Archey

As an artistic entity, Keller and Kosmas essentially grew up online, and for better or ...

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Ceci Moss

1. Glowing RectanglesFor all the diversity of the contemporary media ecology - network, broadcast, games, mobile ...