John O'Shea

On prototyping a new archive of fan-made media.

Michael Connor

An influential contemporary art blog serves as test case for a new approach to online ...

Dragan Espenschied

Everything inside the computer can be considered a performance. What does this mean for digital ...


Topics and people discussed in our ephemeral blog posts in August 2014.


Dragan Espenschied invites you to invest in born-digital conservation

Michael Connor

The restoration of late-1990s web pages raises thorny technical and conceptual questions.


"Digital culture is mass culture, and collection and preservation practices have to change to reflect ...

Raffaela Kolb

Hans Bernhard discusses the genesis of Ubermorgen's contribution to the International Teletext Art Festival.

Michael Connor

A roundup of work from the second annual International Teletext Art Festival.

Ben Fino-Radin

There is a new addition to the ArtBase's collection that we are rather excited ...