. Net Art Anthology

Lauren Studebaker

How Paper Rad bridged the gap between net art and the East Coast underground.

. Net Art Anthology

Michael Connor

In Arcangel’s work, it is particularly important to understand the embrace of the repetitive ...


Topics and people discussed in our ephemeral blog posts in August 2014.

Dragan Espenschied

In 2005, Cory Arcangel found a simple homemade video game called "Bomb Iraq" on a ...

Michael Connor

"I still go pretty hard at night. Because the laptops are so light now."

Michael Connor

Cory Arcangel is no_ recognized as a major exponent of a pop-tinged, computer-centred art.

Karen Archey

The list below reflects both personal favorites and those that I felt to be important ...

Ben Fino-Radin

Today is the first official Digital Archives Day. All day, archivists and conservators working in ...

Jacob Gaboury

Arcangel exerts incredible effort to accomplish the most banal of tasks, or produces aesthetic works ...