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#Resistance as Daily Practice


In the aftermath of a tumultuous weekend in Istanbul, artist Merve Unsal reflects on the relationship between social media and the quotidian practice of protest.


Performance GIFs 8: Marisa Olson


The latest in an ongoing series of performance GIFs curated by Jesse Darling.


Tyler Coburn's Performances for Data Centers


Artist and erstwhile Rhizome staff writer Tyler Coburn's recent project I'm that angel includes a book and performance narrated by a fictional “content farmer,” a writer (typically freelance) who creates large amounts of text that is designed for maximum traction with search engine algorithms. The performances typically take place in data centers or spaces in which the physical infrastructure that supports "the cloud" is made manifest.  

We corresponded about the project via e-mail.


Restoring 'The World's First Collaborative Sentence'


Douglas Davis, "The World's First Collaborative Sentence" (1994). Detail.

On Monday, the New York Times ran an article describing the Whitney Museum's restoration of an early online artwork by Douglas Davis, The World’s First Collaborative Sentence (1994). 

Many of the comments posted to the article offered sage advice for the conservation team, free of charge. According to Francesco of New York, “it was probably build in java or php and they need to update the server.” VJBortolot of Guildford, CT, expressed surprise “that the Whitney didn't … use an legacy browser … and run it in a Win95 environment on a vintage computer.” E.W. Chesterton of Palm Beach simply wrote, “Oh please! It’s html!”

Expert diagnoses notwithstanding, it’s well worth delving a bit further into some of the complex issues that emerged during the Davis restoration.


Peter Van Riper: Between Holography and the Avant-Garde


As an artist, my interface with holography and laser technology is always aimed at achieving a particular art piece that communicates the concerns of all my work. They are chance, change, it-ness, attention, a concern with perception.

-Peter Van Riper, From “On Holography” (1980)[1]

Peter Van Riper, Room Space I (1976-78)


Performance GIFs 7: Jennifer Chan


Cam Twist 
ManyCam and webcam video
Jennifer Chan

Artist's statement:

"Whenever you put your body online, in some way you are in conversation with porn," writes Ann Hirsch.

"If you do not want your image to travel somewhere far away, do not release it to the cloud," warns Jacob Ciocci.


Internet Real Estate, Art and Power: The cases of Artsy and .art



The forthcoming introduction of generic top-level domains (gTLDs)—which will replace the .com or .net suffix with specific words or terms, such as .food, .movies, or .microsoft—poses new speculative opportunities as dizzying as those of Zola’s 19th-century Paris.


The Week Ahead: Conflict of Interest Edition


Jeremy Bailey, Importrait Portrait of Michelle Kasprzak, 2013. Courtesy of Pari Nadimi Gallery.

Earlier this year, "Famous New Media Artist" Jeremy Bailey ran a Kickstarter campaign in which he offered backers an augmented reality portrait of themselves, updating the time-honored tradition of creating portraits of one's patron for an era of crowd-sourced funding. New Yorkers can see 50 of the results in person from Friday, June 14 at Devotion Gallery as part Jeremy Bailey: Less Important Portraits.

The big question: will the exhibition feature an image of Rhizome's own Heather Corcoran, who is listed as one of Bailey's backers? By writing about this event, am I inadvertently increasing the potential resale value of an artwork in Heather's collection? 

After the jump, more of the week's events and deadlines, all culled from Rhizome Announce.


Prosthetic Knowledge Picks: Other Worlds - Return


A collection of items from the Prosthetic Knowledge Tumblr archive and around the Web, returning to the theme of "Other Worlds" (previously explored in a post from August 2012), which takes a brief look at independent creative games that challenge conventions of the form and bridge the divide between art and gaming. 

Animated GIF extract of Void One by Luis Hernandez.

After the original Other Worlds post was published, the theme became part of an art and gaming convergence festival called Vector, conceived by Skot Deeming. We managed to find many more examples, and below are a couple of pieces from that exhibition. There are also some brand new examples included--it is a creative field which is growing in prominence, as evidenced by the forthcoming establishment of the LA Game Space, which brings a Bauhaus-inspired approach to creative computing.


Performance GIFs 6: Genevieve Belleveau


This is the latest in an ongoing series of performance GIFs curated by Jesse Darling. Previously: Maja CuleLegacy RussellJaakko Pallasvuo, Creighton Baxter


Genevieve Belleveau: 

Now we are vomiting Vines. Suffocating gardens of earthly delight incite immersive, daily make believe.  Do you trim your Vine or let it grow wild? Is it adornment or is it a weed? Sign-on in #selfieaffirmation of the you we now incessantly see.  When you are watching me you are consuming desire, pink paste fills your feed. In the absence of product, what do you need?  Your urgency is currency, eat and release, eat and release. Perpetually purging, this need to feed, this need to feed the feed.  

Eat the unfold @gorgeoustaps 

Click here to view work.

Image by Laura Lachman. Body Mod by Mike Mabes at The Garden Of Earthly Delights