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Postmasters Gallery: Spencer Finch, A Certain Slant of Light


459 West 19th Street



March 24 - April 21, 2007

Opening: Saturday, March 24, 6:00PM - 8:00PM

Spencer Finch

In two new installations and works on paper Finch continues to explore the nature of color, light, memory and perception. Operating precariously in the gap between the objectivity of scientific data and the subjectivity of creative expression, he sets to transport the viewer to experience the changing atmospheric conditions in the Monument Valley and at Walden Pond.

In 2 hours, 2 minutes, 2 seconds industrial means are employed to a poetic end. A circle of 48 programmed and synchronized fans precisely re-creates the wind at Walden Pond measured by the artist with an anemometer. Walden Pond, located in Massachusetts, was made famous by Henry David Thoreau, who stayed there in a small cabin he built for himself from July 1845 to September 1847.

West is a nine channel video installation in which sequences of film stills from "The Searchers", the 1956 John Ford western, play on a grid of nine monitors turned towards the gallery wall. The light projecting on the wall from the television screens precisely simulates the changing light in the artist's motel room at sunset in Monument Valley, where the film was shot. The projected light slowly changes from the bright orangish of sunset to almost totally dark over the course of the 30 minutes of the video.

In addition, a large drawing of Walden Pond based on water images from the paintings of Claude Monet and a series of seven watercolors depicting the limits of the artist's color perception will be exhibited.

Image from Postmasters Gallery.


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Petra Cortright



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Amy Youngs - interactive sculptures, installations and new media art work



"An artist using electronics, kinetics, sound, insects, plants and pixels to create art about the complex relationship between technology and our changing concepts of nature and self."

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Images from "Proposals for Police Posters."

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The Robotic Action Painter


The American Museum of Natural History in New York recently added a new piece to its holdings. RAP (Robotic Action Painter), devised by Leonel Moura, is now part of the permanent display at the Hall of Human Origins. As the wall text states, 'This robot [...] creates original paintings using a combination of random decisions and responses to its environment.' So, does RAP's process emulate human creativity? In a recent interview, Moura says that 'most people understand now what Artificial Intelligence is. They accept the fact that it is today possible to simulate intelligence in machines and robots. Hence I propose a similar concept for art. We can now build machines and robots able to create their own art.' RAP takes around 320 minutes to make a work. It starts by choosing a position on a large sheet of paper, selecting a color, and then drawing a scribbly line. When its sensors detect large enough patches of color, it enters an interactive mode, developing the existing sketch. The patches of color grow organically, becoming more and more dense. When it finds a single, densely painted area with uniform coloring, it decides that the work is finished. It then signs its initials in the bottom right corner of the painting. Although the same wall text asks if RAP is truly an artist, declaring that 'unlike a human, RAP has no inspiration,' one could think that RAP at least demonstrates that the artistic gesture is no longer confined to the human realm, further contributing to the eternal yet still pertinent question of what art is. - Miguel Amado


Wheeler Winston Dixon - Serial Metaphysics


Serial Metaphysics
Serial Metaphysics #1 (1984-86, clip, 6.4MB, 1:08 min)

Serial Metaphysics
Serial Metaphysics #2 (1984-86, clip, 5.9MB, 1:08 min)

Wheeler Winston Dixon is now a professor of film studies at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Before he did that he made a lot of (on the evidence of these clips & others) really great short movies. In particular these two clips from Serial Metaphysics, apparently almost entirely constructed from TV ads, whet the appetite for a viewing of the whole twenty minutes. Dixon conjures fever dream magic from commercial banality.
Check in particular the end sequence of clip one:
David Lynch eat your heart out.


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from a land down under (myspace)



Being MTAA, Just for one Day...

Once upon a time, I made a site for MTAA on myspace. (Yeah, I know, I know.) Then, a person named "Penny" from Australia asked to be MTAA's friend. So I, of course, said, "Yes". Then she asked if I wanted to be part of a chain of email performances. So I, of course, said, "Yes". (Yeah, I know, I know.) This is where it gets a bit complicated but stay with me. Penney made a list of performers. The person above MTAA name was to send us an artwork and the person below our name was to get an artwork. Now, the person above our name was Emily. Emily emailed that she thought that email was a bit impersonal (or at least I think that was what she thought), She asked if she could mail us some art. So I, of course, said, "Yes". Today, in the mail, came Emily's first project.

Wonderful right? If we get another one, I'll post it on the blog as well.

Now, as for sending an artwork, the person we got was Penny (who, you'll remember, also started the project.) What did we send her? We sent her a set of instructions for a performance on how to be "MTAA" that, if she completed and documented, would be the artwork. (Yeah, I know. I know.) Anyways, here is what we sent her:

Being MTAA, Just for one Day
To Be Performed by Penny Spankie

Dress in a black t-shirt, blue jeans, black boots, and a black belt. Perform any or all of the following artworks/ actions. Each performance attempted should be documented with 2 photographs or 2 short videos.

1. lying propped up in bed
2. checking your hair in a mirror
3 ...


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Do It With Others (DIWO): Exhibition images.


DIWO logo

marc garrett:

Do It With Others (DIWO):
E-Mail-Art at NetBehaviour.

Images of the latest show at HTTP Gallery.

About the project:

Duration of Exhibition:
2nd March - 1st April 2007.
Friday - Sunday: 12noon - 5pm.


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[Damon Zucconi]



Olympic Snow,


Now Is More Than Ever and


Vocal Trance Lyrics by Damon Zucconi.


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Dutch Electronic Art unFestival


rui guerra:

unDEAF is an uncurated, unmoderated, self-organizational online and offline ecosystem where the content and development is driven and created by the participants.

Call for participation

unDEAF: Dutch Electronic Art unFestival

unDEAF is a satellite event of the Dutch Electronic Art Festival 2007. unDEAF is uncurated. Your work will not be judged, or restricted by a theme, neither it has to be finalized. unDEAF is self-organized. You organize and promote your own event, whether an art piece, a performance, a talk, a workshop, a meal, a song, a party or other as-yet-undefined events.

How to participate in 3 steps:

1. Announce your event at the website (
2. Subscribe to the mailinglist and stay tuned to the latest news.
3. Show up in person or avatar from 10th to 15th of April.

For those brave-hearts that would like to help organizing unDEAF, we might have simple accommodation for free.

From Tuesday 10th to Sunday 15th of April
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Free participation


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