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Web 2.0: An Explanation


Michael Wesch, a cultural anthropology professor at Kansas State University, has created a four minute video that captures what Web 2.0 and social media is all about.

Web20TheMachineisUsingUs -


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chicago hackmeeting 003


jake elliott:

Hackers, activists, artists, educators: come develop the third Chicago/great lakes hackmeeting - March 17-18 2007 at the flowershop (2159 w 21st place, Chicago IL 60608). Free workshops, discussions and presentations on art, activism & technology; free vegan food all weekend.


Chicago hackmeetings are free conferences organized collaboratively by a rotating crew of hackers, activists and artists to host skillsharing workshops, critical discussions and presentations on hacktivist projects.

Scheduling and organizing Chicago hackmeetings is a public activity, open to anyone to contribute at public meetings or on the website:

This third Chicago hackmeeting is loosely themed around education as a component of radical social practice and educational institutions as sites of resistance. Talks/workshops/discussions already being planned include:

+ Inside the One Laptop Per Child project ( and how electronic constructivist educational theories are being put into practice.
+ Counter-recruitment in chicago schools.
+ Workshops on circuit-bending, net graffiti and electronic civil disobedience.
+ Open hack sessions : live coding collaborative software projects.
+ Live performances and screenings Saturday night and an Artware Deathmatch Sunday night.

Come contribute to the hackmeeting-in-process at and join us on March 17-18th at the Flowershop (2159 w 21st pl Workshops start Saturday morning at 11AM and run until Sunday night at 10PM.

This Chicago hackmeeting is hosted by Daisychain and BUSKER and organized by the people.


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Atlas with the World at His Feet


Fresh from the successes of a European tour of Turning (his project with Antony and the Johnsons) and a survey of his work at Tate, film-maker and video artist Charles Atlas has a new collaboration of which to boast. This time he has teamed-up with musician/ electronic composer Christian Fennesz, fusing his own 'innovative live video mix of sampled film footage, prepared clips, and improvised collage' with Fennesz's 'lush and luminant electric guitar and laptop compositions.' The premiere of their new work will be featured March 14th-18th in London, at the second biannual Optronica festival. The recipient of the 2006 John Cage Award, Atlas is perhaps best known for his work with choreographers such as Michael Clark, Leigh Bowery, and Merce Cunningham, which have won him three Bessie (New York Dance and Performance) Awards. This new project adds a more technologically nuanced element to his respected work. Optronica, which describes itself as a 'visual music' festival, is being held at the British Film Institute's Southbank and Imax spaces, as well as the Institute for Contemporary Art, and features a diverse line-up of other events that are also worthy of attention. - Charlotte Frost


Art Since 1960 (According to the Internet) - March 07


Hanne and I are doing a screening at the OFFICE FOR CONTEMPORARY ART NORWAY's New York location. The office/workshop is located on the 2nd Floor of 25 Broadway, adjacent to Battery Park. Due to entrance logistics, attendance to all events requires a prior R.S.V.P. (by Wednesday please) to Ida Ghosh at

Thursday, 8 March at 18:00
Hanne Mugaas + Cory Arcangel: Art Since 1960 (According to the Internet)

Mugaas and Arcangel are concerned with the Internet and its possibilities for archiving and distributing information. Art history uploaded to the Internet is certainly an alternative one, and often the information available is randomly contextualized and interpreted without any hierarchy or control. Based on user generated content, the Internet has become a unique channel of distribution where the responsibility of interpretation lies in the hands of the receiver and his/her ability to sort out and analyze the given information. For this event, Mugaas and Arcangel will sort and collect images, video, and audio from the Internet in order to discern where art and art history on the web is situated right now. The findings will culminate in a video screening presented with a live directors commentary. Through this event, the intention is to discuss for better or worse how art is changed by this situation, and in turn how the Internet is changing our perception of art.


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delete your blog automatic VJ 3



delete your blog

automatic VJ 3

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“Read my blog!” — Get lost!


This is the world we live in

You can use “Read my blog!” to end any ongoing face to face conversation. It expresses that you do not want to spend more time on your conversation partner because this person is getting on your nerves and is wasting your time.

This phrase suggest that your conversation partner should switch from personal talk to a mass medium. Before the internet came along, only celebrities could say things like “I have to go, why don’t you read up on me in Vanity Fair? Bye!” Today everybody can act with the same arrogance by quickly setting up a mass medium and refer annoying people to it.


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Comp_07: MIXED REALITIES :: Call for Proposals


Via: "Turbulence"

Comp_07: MIXED REALITIES :: Call for Proposals
Juried International Networked Art Competition
Proposal Deadline: March 31, 2007

MIXED REALITIES: (1) a competition and series of simultaneous exhibitions that engage users in three discrete environments: the Internet (Turbulence), an online 3-D rendered environment (Ars Virtua/Second Life), and physical space (Art Interactive); (2) works that evaluate the concepts "virtual," "simulation", and "real"; (3) a series of experiences in which participants connect with one another and contribute to the creation of the work. Five commissions @ $5,000 (US) each. More >>

NOTE: While collaborative projects are preferred they are not a requirement. We have set up a FORUM for applicants to ask and answer questions and seek collaborators. GO TO FORUM >>

JURORS: MICHAEL FRUMIN, Technical Director Emeritus, Eyebeam; NATASHA KHANDEKAR, Director, Art Interactive; JAMES MORGAN, Director, Ars Virtua; TREBOR SCHOLZ, Founder, Institute for Distributed Creativity; HELEN THORINGTON, Co-Director, Turbulence. See bios >>


Proposal Deadline: March 31, 2007
Notification: Winners will be contacted after May 15, 2007
Delivery: Works must be completed by February 2008

This project is supported by a generous grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.


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Videogames and Art, the book.


Great news, the long awaited Videogames and Art is finally out on the shelves, all 272 pages of it. Here's the blurb:

From Madden NFL 2007 to Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, videogames are firmly enmeshed in modern culture. Acknowledging the increasing cultural impact of this rapidly changing industry, Videogames and Art is one of the first books devoted to the study of videogame art, featuring in-depth essays that offer an unparalleled overview of the field.

The distinguished contributors range broadly over this vast intellectual terrain, positioning videogame art as a crucial interdisciplinary mix of digital technologies and the traditions of pictorial art. They examine machinima and game console artwork, politically oriented videogame art, and the production of digital art; they also interview prominent videogame artists about their work. Rounding out Videogames and Art is a critique of the commercial videogame industry comprising several critical essays on the current quality and originality of videogames.

An essential volume for our digital age, Videogames and Art will be a fascinating read for players, fans, skeptics, and scholars alike.

Read on here for the bookstores stocking it. I believe it's possible to pre-order on Amazon also.

Big congrats to Grethe Mitchell, Andy Clarke and all the contributors. The contents look nothing short of impressive. There's even a bit from Rebecca and I in there too.

Read on for a glimpse.


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Second Gallery presents Personal Computer, Mar 17 - Apr 15, 2007


Second Gallery is pleased to present Personal Computer, featuring the work of John Michael Boling, Charles Broskoski, and Mark Callahan, curated by and with contributions from Kevin Driscoll with Second Gallery's Rebecca Gordon. Personal Computer critically examines the role of the familiar imagery and symbols of the personal computing experience. The majority of the works in this show are made and displayed on the internet, and Second Gallery aims to provocatively introduce these web-based projects to the physical gallery setting.

Personal Computer relies on the transformative power of confrontation with familiar imagery in new and reconfigured contexts. For many in contemporary culture, the windowed desktop metaphor has achieved the comforting invisibility of the commonplace. After years of daily interaction, these users have developed trusting bonds with their machines that extend to the most intimate corners of their lives. Meanwhile, popular discourse on technology continues to focus on esoteric technical details- bandwidth, disksize, processing power- scarcely acknowledging the peculiar physical relationship users must maintain with their machines, nor the total dominance of the windowing graphical interface. The works in Personal Computer make visible the unseen organizing principles of today's software by repurposing their visual components: sliders, icons, form elements, themes, buttons, and menus. Reinvented apart from the information they typically frame, these ubiquitous materials may have the power to reveal to us new perspectives on our everyday experience.



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[Jean Baudrillard]


Jean Baudrillard

1929 - 2007


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