L.A. based artist Marie Sester’s new project, BEAM is a


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monochrom content update // Applied Office Arts: G...


monochrom content update // Applied Office Arts: Great new submissions.



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Genesis P-Orridge - 24x7


Genesis P-Orridge (2005, 20MB, 4:30Min. )

In this video, seminal rocker and radical body artist Genesis P-Orridge talks about early music experiments. from 24×7


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Tao of motion control...


Bssis1 200I met Bruce from "The Tao of motion control" he makes incredible X,Y machines "The purpose of this site is to suggest that motion control is also an emerging medium for artistic expression. Despite the universal use of motion control in industrial settings, its use by artists has been hampered by the enormous cost of commercial equipment. Because access to the tools of this medium is crucial for its exploration, one strategy open to motivated artists is building their own equipment from scrapped components flowing out of industrial sources." This one moves a metal ball over sand to make a zen garden. Link.


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Open Call for Sound Works : WILD INFORMATION NETWORK


Cary Peppermint:

The Department of Ecology, Art, and Technology
Open Call for Sound Works In Mp3 Format - Deadline April 1, 2006

If we encountered a pod-cast, or a streaming radio server in the woods, in the “natural


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According to James Nachlin, New York City's streets are full of interesting and potentially useful things that have been thrown out.


If you like to snoop around garbage and dig up something good, snap a picture of it with your camera phone, add a description + location and email it to GarbageScout. It will be added on a Yahoo Maps for others to go and fetch it (treasures include so far: a rowing machine, a mirror, candy canes an electric heater, etc).

To keep up with the latest from the bins, there are even feeds.
I think the idea is brilliant, i remember arriving in a new flat, new city and thinking "if only i could find one discarded chair to make do until i'm settled and want better furniture."

Via Glowlab.


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Toronto School of Art seeks executive director


Miklos Legrady:

TSA Career Opportunity

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, Toronto School of Art

The Toronto School of Art, ( a=20
non-profit organization serving the arts=20
community for over 37 years, is seeking=20
applicants and referrals for the position of=20
Executive Director.

Reporting to the President of the Board of=20
Directors, the Executive Director is the senior=20
staff person responsible for effectively managing=20
and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the=20
school and for providing organizational=20
leadership. This includes board and committee=20
support, staff and volunteer supervision, student=20
services, fundraising, marketing and publicity,=20
financial management, facility management,=20
general administration, and working harmoniously=20
and cooperatively with the school community.

Position Qualifications:

=85 A minimum of three years of senior management=20
experience in an arts organization. Experience in=20
the visual arts and art education in an art=20
school setting preferred;
=85 Proven record of leadership and excellence in=20
administration and in working with non-profit=20
boards of management;
=85 A proven ability to work effectively and=20
harmoniously with people of all ages and=20
=85 Excellent communication skills;
=85 A graduate degree or equivalent in administration or management preferr=
=85 Advanced computer and data base Skills=20
including QuickBooks Pro 2006, Microsoft Office=20
XP (Word, Excel), Mac OS 10, and Adobe Creative=20
Suite. Microsoft Access is preferred but not=20

Additionally, the ideal candidate will:
=85 be motivated by the importance of TSA in the=20
broader arts community and will promote and=20
develop the school for the betterment of the=20
Students, Faculty and long-term growth;
=85 be well organized ensuring the day-to-day=20
operation are running smoothly and the long-term=20
needs are being assessed and addressed ...


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ARTEFACT festival - 13 > 18 FEB 2006 - STUK arts centre


Pieter-Paul Mortier:

art & new media

13 > 18 February 2006 - STUK arts centre Leuven, Belgium

During the ARTEFACT festival for art and new media, the STUK building will be reinvented by Belgian and international artists. For six days they will use images, sounds and technology to build a fascinating and poetic world.

The program consists of installations, concerts, theatre & performances, a symposium and a software / video exhibition. ARTEFACT will connect to other locations over the internet, one of the highlights of the selection will, to a large extent, be an online experience.

Physical space and how it is perceived will be the common element in the program. All participating artists are looking for surprising forms of presentation, sublime moments, corporeal experiences and emotional technology. Artists and scientists will research space, place & distance and translate it into new forms.

The varied musical program of ARTEFACT features the encounter of architecture and music: sounds become places, and spaces become music.

more info & program:

Lawrence Malstaf (BE) - Kurt d' Haeseleer (BE) - Mateusz Herczka (PL) - Dominique Leroy (FR) - Tale of Tales (BE/US) - LAb[au] (BE) - Ief Spincemaille (BE) - Michael J. Schumacher (US)

Crew (BE) - Orthographe (IT)

Casey Reas (US) - Peter Luining (NL) - Seidel & Stiermann (AT) - Justin Manor (US) - Eddo Stern (IS/US) - Stewart Smith (US) - Bas Van Koolwijk (NL)

Maryanne Amacher (US) - Michael J. Schumacher (US) - Chris Watson (UK) - Olivia Block (US) - Pole (DE) - Jan Jelinek (DE) - Andrew Pekler (DE) - Apparat (DE) - Rotorscoop (BE) - Champ d’Action (BE) - Carsten Nicolai (DE) - aMute (BE) - Ricardo Villalobos (CL) - Rhythm & Sound (DE)

lectures by Timothy Druckey (US) - Simon Pope (UK) - Tale of Tales (BE/US) - Thomas Laureyssens (BE)


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