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Artificial continues its special on Art Games:

Here are two more articles:

Keeping Watch on the Cultural Frontier - Interview with Steve Wilson Torben Olander talked to San Francisco based artist Steve Wilson, who combines art, science and games.

Read the interview here:

From an Artist's Perspective Artist Mathias Fuchs gives his perspective on Art Games. In his terminology, Game Art is the right word to use.

First 'Video killed the Radio Star', then the interactive media made video look blunt, and now computer games seem to be more sexy than any other media ever has been ...

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New Blog / New Media


On top of hosting the majority of my Six Rules Compliant artwork, also the site of a new blog I've created to track new media and new work, with a focus on truly participatory media and to serve as a watchdog for it's pitfalls. Come say hi and let me know if you're missing from the blogroll.



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Art Dirt Redux: Dinner with Jean Dupuy



Jean Dupuy clock
GH has dinner with Jean Dupuy in The South of France where they discuss Fluxus and Nam June Paik in the '70s and whether Armenians are the Irish of France...

Art Dirt Redux podcast site 


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Artgames. Part II


Artgames. Structural analogies of art and game exhibition at the Ludwig Forum, Aachen, Germany.
(Part I.)

The exhibition had reserved a space to play with art games:

Borderland, by French artists Julien Alma and Laurent Hart, is based on video game duels such as Tekken or Mortal Kombat. But instead of superheroes or pop icons, the characters you control are old ladies, tramps, workmen, white and black teenagers who square up to fight each other against the backdrop of the suburbs of Paris that have become a desolated no-man’s land. 55 characters can fight each other in 280 settings - e.g. rubbish tips, car parks and building sites. What shines through the humorous surface is a picture of society in which everyone fights everyone else.

aaaaaaaalesje.jpg Games\_Foto\_fluID\_8.jpg

fluID - Arena of Identities, by Mathias Fuchs and Sylvia Eckermann, is a mod of Unreal Tournament 2003 game engine. The videogame puts you into a terrain of identities where you start as a perfect nobody. You have got no face, no name, no clothes, no sex, nothing differentiates you from other players. You can discover and change your identity, steal or borrow another person’s identity, destroy identities or create new ones from scratch as you explore several virtual terrains (selectparks has an excellent review of the game.)


The last game shown in the room is Nybble-Engine, by Max Moswitzer and Margarete Jahrmann,­another mod of Unreal Tournament. Players are assigned a place in the network. In the environment, they meet other players or the action bots (representations of server processes) and communicate with them via text messages. This generates network traffic, the server log files of which are routed to the game-Engine, where they serve as material for the 3D audiovisual displays of the installation. The Nybble-Engine tool converts the data from the ...


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Nam June Paik passed away



------ Forwarded Message
From: "elastic group"
Date: Mon, 30 Jan 2006 13:33:13 +0100
Subject: Nam June Paik passed away

I am very sad to announce the death of Nam June Paik who passed away at around 8 p.m.( ET. 29th Jan) in his apartment in Florida. The news was brought to my attention by Ken Paik( the manager of Nam June/ Nam June's Nephew) about an hour ago. Nam June's Body will be brought to New York by tomorrow afternoon and the funeral will take place sometime this weekend.

Iris Moon Please join us for a moment of silence at the second opening of Moving Time. [More....]


See also the announcement on Paik's website, and this Associated Press article, both via MTAA.

Update: Here's Roberta Smith's NY Times obit.

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Death of the Author



The Return of the Author

"Abstract: The article transposes the text of Roland Barthes' "Death of the Author," (La Mort de L’auteur) (1968), to the arena of happenings in cyberspace, and examines the implications from the point of view of author-reader-text, active in the electronic environment. Cyberspace has become one united text (hypertext), that allows any author to add to it, and any reader to read the content. The act of reading the text from the network simulates the cyberspace hyper-text wave function collapsing by means of the reader’s submitted query. The text that was in a state of superposition throughout the network, or in Barthes’ definition "multi-dimensional space in which many and varied writings are combined and meet, and none are foremost" becomes a single peak wave function that appears on the reader’s display. Cyberspace accelerated the reading process to the speed of light, and led to a dramatic turning point of the disappearing of the traditional author, text, and reader, and the birth of the new Super-Reader-Author. This unification creates a paradigmatic shift from dualistic, Aristotelian object-subject thought, to the holistic thought of being, realized in the singularity of consciousness and connecting real space, the spiritual and cyberspace." The Return of the Author, Avi Rosen, December 2005.


I wonder if this is the same Avi Rosen who was first to log a year's viewing of MTAA's One Year Performance Video...

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Flash-Based Super Mario Bros. Super Synth [Updated]


Got too much time on your hands on this lazy Monday? Head over to Nintendo news-site 4 Color Rebellion:

Super Mario Bros. Super Synth!

And play with the Super Mario Bros. Super Synth! A collection of samples from the classic NES title, this will either make your office-mates laugh, cry, or go completely insane. Enjoy!

Ed: Best. Sound. Designs. Ever. Unless you can think of another half-second blip that's immediately recognizable. Oh, and what's "work"? -PK

Mo Mario Muso:

While we're sharing gratuitous Mario musical love, from CDM2's Graphic Designer Nat comes this link: Super Mario World, Fully Orchestrated [onetonnemusic].


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NODE.London - States of Interdependence


marc garrett:

NODE.London - States of Interdependence

A collaborative text written by Marc Garrett and Ruth Catlow, for "Media Mutandis: A Node.London Reader" (to be published in February 2006).

There is a Sufi fable in which a group of foreigners sit at breakfast, excitedly discussing their previous night’s exploration. One starts saying “…and what about that great beast we came across in the darkest part of the Jungle? It was like a massive, rough wall.


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