Looking for nine fiction writers


I’m looking for nine fiction writers who want to collaborate with me on an artwork that has been commissioned by Turbulence.org. I don’t want to give too much away, but I can say that the work will involve writing collaborative, improvisational fiction online. I can’t honestly say how good the final product will be, but I think it’ll make a fascinating experiment—provided, of course, I’m lucky enough to have good writers to work with.

Each writer will receive a $200 stipend for participation. Participating in this artwork will require a light, but ongoing commitment: perhaps an hour a week, from March to June.

No particular experience, or publications, are necessary. However, you should be mildly comfortable with technology, enough to use a website like MySpace or a blog host like Blogspot. It would also be okay if you had a friend who could help you with the technical stuff. Basically, the project involves a little tech setup, and I don’t want to have to do a lot of tech support for other people.


Mute Magazine -- new publishing, networked economy


Mute Magazine - new publishing, networked economy +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

We've crossed oceans of time for you to find us.


Summary =======

For years, it has been Mute's dream to conduct its publishing on a more participatory platform. Starting with our mini-manifesto Ceci N'est Pas Un Magazine (Sept 2001), we plotted the project as it moved through various developmental stages and now, after years of planning and building, it is alive and kicking at brand new site Metamute.org.


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Open Call - Bent 2006 Circuit Bending Festival



The Tank is currently accepting proposals for: Bent 2006 : The Third Annual Circuit Bending Festival April 19-23, 2006 Proposal Deadline: February 10, 2006

Each year the festival features daily workshops, art installations, and evening concerts from a wide variety of international performers and artists. This year we are working in collaboration with Harvestworks as part of their “Benders and Coders


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Biennial Blah Blah


On Monday, January 23rd, Artforum is hosting a panel talk with past and present Whitney Biennial curators at the New School. Panel members include 2006 curators Chrissie Iles and Philippe Vergne, along with past curators Klaus Kertess, Louise Neri, Lisa Phillips, and Elisabeth Sussman.

This could be an interesting talk, the Whitney Biennial is always so contentious. The talk could shed some light onto the inscrutable selection process, personally I think that curating the Biennial has got to be one of the toughest challenges in the world of art. There are over 200 biennials in the world today, plus the rise of hundreds of art fairs around the world. Still though, at least here in the US, the Whitney Biennial still seems to regularly kick up more furor than any other museum show.

Event Details:

Artforum Roundtable: Curating the Whitney Biennial
Monday, 23 January, 6:30PM
Tishman Auditorium @ The New School
66 West 12th Street, NYC

Tickets are $10, Call 212.229.5488 or email boxoffice@newschool.edu for reservations.


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West 27th Street preview


We were fans of the people now relocated to 27th Street before Time Out New York did its big spread this week.

A lot of the galleries had "previews" tonight before the joint openings tomorrow. Tomorrow should be busy, with at least 20 Chelsea openings listed on ArtCal for tomorrow night.

We dropped by Foxy Production, Wallspace, and the "annex" of ATM tonight. Some highlights:


Hallway connecting Wallspace and Foxy


Kirsten Stoltmann work at Wallspace


Jacob Ciocci at Foxy Production, installation detail


a little late, but what the hell...

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jimpunk's www(dot)pulp(dot)href



Briefly noted, this excellent video/Net DIY collage piece by jimpunk. You need Quicktime 7 to view. The elements of the grid, the composite, and short loops could all be seen in an earlier work, Michael Ensdorf's Momentary Distractions. What jimpunk adds is the ability to mix and match clips, a slew of pop culture and historical references (a pistol-wagging Benicio Del Toro, Flight 93, Jodie Foster panicking), ambitious graphic design in the more psychedelic patterns, snippets of found and/or industrial style music, and an overall sense of anarchic humor. Net Art seems to be evolving here, or perhaps a better metaphor would be morphing into an explosively violent alien entity, like Natasha Henstridge in Species.


This has been posted before but Tom adds some historical context as well as interesting ananlysis.

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Hosts : a major digital art event in Bath Abbey


Martin Rieser:

An Interactive Cinema work for Bath Abbey
Supported by Bath Film Festival 2005

Dates: Bath Abbey Church 9th-27th February 2006 Monday-Saturday 10am-6.00pm


HOSTS is an ambitious project inspired by the motif of Jacob's Ladder on the West front of Bath Abbey. Bristol-based media artist Martin Rieser will hang five giant screens at strategic points of the Abbey space. Wearing a special ultra-sound badge and wireless earphones, the participant in HOSTS triggers the presence of a variety of evanescent projected video characters. As the participant approaches a screen, these individual characters or messengers appear to move forwards from a deep space and come into focus. If the participant then moves on, the characters too pass onwards from screen to screen, keeping pace with them. In this way, once a participant has entered the installation they become part of the story space. By standing in front of a screen they will eventually be paired with and addressed directly through a series of aphorisms by their individual messenger.


HOSTS combines poetry performance, animation and cinema in a unique blend. The words of the spoken and animated aphorisms are apparently those of humans, fraught with ambiguity and misunderstanding. Perverse and fragile, the aphorisms hover between the portentous and the mundane, inflected over and over into different meanings by the messengers. We are captured by the messengers and hurled into their drama in the same way that an unwilling passenger in a train can be given someone's life story. This is not always a comfortable experience. HOSTS is intended as a spiritually enhancing experience for a broad audience, not usually drawn to a media art gallery. [More....]


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Faust Forward - The Faust Forward Tapes


Faust Forward Tapes Cover

Faust Forward's "The Faust Forward Tapes"

Faust Forward is Stephen Olson (the having the idea part) and Michael Bell-Smith (the making the thing part)


A whirlwind listening experience. It's pretty self-explanatory once the file starts loading. Extra points for the wordplay and evoking the mystery of the score versus chance--something hard to decipher once compressed into an mp3! ~marisa

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