Driver show at Bath House


I’m probably going to write more about this later, but the Driver show at Bath House Cultural Center is really worth checking out. “An exhibition of artists making the shift between traditional and digital media through abstraction.


This show is in Dallas, Texas.

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Dream Analysis 01/15/06


Last night, I had a dream... [....] In my dream, I'm ranting to someone about the pathetic state of copyright. I'm incensed about just how absurdly long copyright lasts, and I'm trying to give them a perspective on just how crazy the length is:

TradeMark: "Let me give you an example: Let's say right now, I write a short story right here in front of you. It's automatically copyright the moment I finish it (or even if I don't) because things are presumed to be copyright unless you explicitly say otherwise. This short story will remain in the restrictive binds of copyright for the rest of my life PLUS another 90 -- yes NINETY -- years!! That's like until the year 2150!!!"

...and I start cracking up when I try to complete the rant with... "For chrissakes, by then we'll have evolved into beings of pure energy and light and won't NEED F[ ]CKING COPYRIGHT!!"


Something tells me we should all listen very closely to the dreams of TrademarkG, el presidente of the Evolution Control Committee... ~marisa

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Girls with drills and electric wires


Alison Lewis has launched a brilliant website: SWITCH, an online DIY show where she and her friends focus on teaching young women about electronics through fashion and design.


In the first episode Alison and Diana Eng create a talking frame (using "ingredients such as nail polish and a dental floss container.)

Bonus: Alison was at CES, meeting and talking with people from Eleksen, Iqua, Chitter Chatter, etc. (video)


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Your Awful Noise Is My Art


There's no question the Lower East Side of Manhattan is a noisy place. One New York artist is letting you take command over that aural landscape to create something you might actually want to listen to. By Sonia Zjawinski.


This is a story on David Gunn's "Folk Songs for the Five Points" web piece for the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. The article isn't much more than descriptive, but it's an interesting and well done project.

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*HTTL:// Hacking the Timeline/EZTV:



Digilantism and the LA Digital Arts Movement

18th STREET CENTER Presents: *HTTL:// Hacking the Timeline / EZTV, Digilantism and the LA Digital Arts Movement--Exhibition of Digital Art in Print, Video and Installation *Victor Acevedo, Rebecca Allen, Denis Brun, Dave Curlender, Michael Dare, Loren Denker David Em, Kit Galloway, Kate Johnson, Tony Longson, Robert Lowden, Michael Masucci, Sherrie Rabinowitz, Nina Rota, Carolyn Stockbridge, Anneliese Varaldiev,* *Michael Wright; February 4 - April 8, 2006: OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, February 4, 6-8:30pm.

This exhibition focuses on some of these key individuals involved in the creation, advocacy and exhibition of seminal digital art exhibitions over the last 25 years in Los Angeles. Many of these shows included artists who were among the very first to publicly articulate a unique digital and desktop aesthetic. They have served as activists who have spearheaded a dialogue between mainstream and experimental artmakers and who brought journalists and scholars alike into an awareness of the emergence of an international digital culture. From David Em's pioneering experimental artworks created at historical places such as Xerox PARC and JPL to EZTV's development of a desktop video and microcinema tradition to ECI's experiments in telecommunication arts to the work of the Digilantes, a term coined by artist/educator Michael Wright, who along with Victor Acevedo staged many guerilla style exhibitions and became a local force for Los Angeles digital art. Their concept of Digilantism, which they not only apply to themselves but also to the efforts of places such as EZTV and other artists/activists worldwide, best describes an art movement as genuine as Futurism, the Arts & Crafts Movement or Hip-Hop." Michael Masucci, 2006


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Let's Hope Don't Be Evil is Really Google's Motto


Paul Saffo, the Director of the Institute for the Future suspects that Google's goal is to build a machine that will pass the Turing test. If you haven't read it yet, it might be a good time to read my blog post on the rise of the object.

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With that huge database of user info, there's lots of potential for evil... and not just from Google as this RAW post mentions...

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Week 1 Nature of Code


nature of code
week 1 tutorial

Ok, so the first edition of the new revised nature of code tutorials is up and online. As I continue to update the lessons over the course of the semester, I’ll slowly take the old site down. Comments, critiques, welcome!


That's right! It's back to school week! This looks interesting...

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Loving you…


Past Conflux participant Kathe Izzo loves Robert Rauschenberg.


A nice bit of 'communication art' in the form of a smart, funny blog.

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