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David Garcia

Whatever happened to tactical media? David Garcia, one of the genre’s early formulators, takes C6’s recent publication DIY Survival as an opportunity to reflect on the general state of cultural politics after its net propelled reinvention in the ‘90s. Concerned with the commercial cannibalisation of tactical media, he identifies a need to connect its ‘hit and run’ ephemerality with more permanent stuctures of resistance [....]


Oppera Internettikka Bollywooddikka



Retro-Bollywood Code Arias with MP3 Orchestra

Oppera Internettikka Bollywooddikka (low-tech IT e-Bollywood) by Igor Stromajer & Brane Zorman. LIVE internet broadcast from New Delhi. Oppera Internettikka is a series of low-tech internet opera art projects begun in 1998 to explore a combination of classical opera tactics and strategies, together with singing source code, Java scripts and applets. Igor Stromajer will sing HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and Java (Java Scripts and Applets) source codes in Retro-Bollywood style, and Brane Zorman Vs BeitThroN will operating an MP3 orchestra live from New Delhi, India.

Location: India International Centre New Delhi, India; Saturday, January 28th, 2006 from 7:15 PM to 8 PM local New Delhi time (Standard Time +05:30 UTC) = from 14:45 to 15:30 Berlin/Paris time. Check exact current local time in India: Advice: please re-check www.intima.org/oppera/oib on January 28th in the morning, for the exact starting time of live broadcast - it may vary due to unexpected circumstances (+/- 1 hour) !!!

It will be performed live in the India International Centre in New Delhi, in the frame of CeC & CaC - The Carnival of e-Creativity & Change-agents Conclave, presented by The Academy of Electronic Arts, and broadcasted live on the internet. CeC - The Carnival of e-Creativity is organized by the producer, curator and director Shankar Barua.

I. Stromajer and B. Zorman will be singing, composing and manipulating HTML source code of the www.bollywood.com website, as it was written on August 15th (2005), Indian Independence Day. # www.bollywood.com is a registered domain of K.C.Varshney.

Produced by Intima Virtual Base - Institute for Contemporary Arts, Slovenia, 2006 - in collaboration with Cona. Special thanks to Bojana Kunst and Irena Pivka.

Project supported by The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.

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"Le Pavarotti du HTML" - Le Slovene Stromajer crée des opéras en code web - par Marie Lechner (Le vendredi 2 février 2001, Libération Paris, France).

"But beware: Igor Stromajer is also singing the theory of the Internet!" (Inke Arns; Leonardo Electronic Almanach, Volume 8, N.1, MIT Press 2000).

"It all started in 1999 when Igor Stromajer earned the peculiar nickname, the Pavarotti of the Internet, for singing his Oppera Teorettikka Internettikka, a transcoding of the HTML into song." (Rossitza Daskalova, CIAC Electronic Art Magazine, Montreal, Canada, N.15, August 2002).


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In January 1996 Intima Virtual Base created its first net art project, entitled 0.HTML. The project was awarded Third prize at Extension 1997, Hamburger Kunsthalle, Germany (jury: Dr. Uwe M. Schneede, Rainer Wörtmann, Dellbrügge & de Moll, Valie Export, Dr. Dieter Daniels).

Intima Virtual Base 1996-2006: Ten Years of Net Intimacy http://www.intima.org/00110001_00110000

Celebrating ten years of net intimacy, Intima Virtual Base is producing a new internet opera - Oppera Internettikka Bollywooddikka.


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Live Internet Video&Audio; Broadcasting:

Oppera Internettikka Bollywooddikka will be broadcast live from New Delhi via internet, using a free MakeTV website service, developed by AI.


1) check the exact current local time in India (January 28th, 2006 at 7:15 PM UTC/GMT +05:30)
2) go to MakeTV
3) accept the terms
4) select Oppera Internettikka Bollywooddikka by the producer "tvintima"

5) watch: enlarge/reduce the video size or go fullscreen

6) archived file will be available immediately after broadcast

Intima Virtual Base
[ the low-tech solution for tactical emotional art ] http://www.intima.org; 3[at]intima[dot]org
t: +386 41 703291


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L.A. based artist Marie Sester’s new project, BEAM is a


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monochrom content update // Applied Office Arts: G...


monochrom content update // Applied Office Arts: Great new submissions.



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Genesis P-Orridge - 24x7


Genesis P-Orridge (2005, 20MB, 4:30Min. )

In this video, seminal rocker and radical body artist Genesis P-Orridge talks about early music experiments. from 24×7


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Tao of motion control...


Bssis1 200I met Bruce from "The Tao of motion control" he makes incredible X,Y machines "The purpose of this site is to suggest that motion control is also an emerging medium for artistic expression. Despite the universal use of motion control in industrial settings, its use by artists has been hampered by the enormous cost of commercial equipment. Because access to the tools of this medium is crucial for its exploration, one strategy open to motivated artists is building their own equipment from scrapped components flowing out of industrial sources." This one moves a metal ball over sand to make a zen garden. Link.


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Open Call for Sound Works : WILD INFORMATION NETWORK


Cary Peppermint:

The Department of Ecology, Art, and Technology
Open Call for Sound Works In Mp3 Format - Deadline April 1, 2006


If we encountered a pod-cast, or a streaming radio server in the woods, in the “natural


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According to James Nachlin, New York City's streets are full of interesting and potentially useful things that have been thrown out.


If you like to snoop around garbage and dig up something good, snap a picture of it with your camera phone, add a description + location and email it to GarbageScout. It will be added on a Yahoo Maps for others to go and fetch it (treasures include so far: a rowing machine, a mirror, candy canes an electric heater, etc).

To keep up with the latest from the bins, there are even feeds.
I think the idea is brilliant, i remember arriving in a new flat, new city and thinking "if only i could find one discarded chair to make do until i'm settled and want better furniture."

Via Glowlab.


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