. Reports

Celine Katzman

Celine Katzman reviews the handheld, swipe-based game, 'Reigns: Her Majesty.'

. First Look


In this internet soap opera, a quest for enlightenment leads only to new-age kitsch.

. Net Art Anthology

Lola Martinez

Miao Ying in conversation with Lola Martinez about her work 'Blind Spot' (2007).

. Net Aesthetics

Rahel Aima

As one of many amorphous masses of flesh, all rolls and folds like a browner ...

. Net Art Anthology

Ben Valentine

At their most perilous, a corporation—like a government—that controls the means for relating ...

. First Look

Che Gossett

How the online exhibition moved portraiture beyond the face.

. Net Art Anthology

Lauren Studebaker

Lauren Studebaker on Ryan Trecartin's I-BE AREA (2007) and premonitions of selfhood online for ...

Arshy Azizi

Can simulation help us envision an unprecedented economic reality?

. sevenonseven


We're pleased to announce the 10th edition of the celebrated art-tech platform Seven on Seven ...

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Lozana Rossenova

Take our ArtBase survey, and get free stuff!

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Lauren Studebaker

Today, a special art fair edition of the Internet Yami-Ichi opens at NADA New York ...