. Net Art Anthology

Michael Connor

An app that was written in water over hot stone, and disappeared.

David Xu Borgonjon

“The concept of Asia is too vague to use and too big to fail.”

. Digital Preservation

Jarrett Drake and Stacie Williams

In this transcription from The National Forum of Ethics and Archiving the Web, which happened ...

. Net Art Anthology

Aria Dean

Aria Dean and Devin Kenny in conversation about his work Untitled/Clefa, now in Net ...

. Net Art Anthology

Lauren Studebaker

How Paper Rad bridged the gap between net art and the East Coast underground.

. Reports

Tanner Howard

In James Bridle’s ‘New Dark Age,’ AI lies between the pit of man's ...

. Reports

Alexander Iadarola

Image: Sean Raspet, Fruit Intersection Average: (Apple ( ) Pear), 2013 - 2014.

. Announce


Grants will be awarded in three categories: net art, VR, and poetry.

. Net Art Anthology

Michael Connor

This article accompanies the inclusion of Constant Dullaart’s The Revolving Internet in the online exhibition Net Art Anthology.

. Reports

Brendan C. Byrne

Allison Parrish’s new book offers “random walks” through over two million lines of poetry ...

Nora Khan

Nora Khan in conversation with Tracy Chou and Kate Ray about their mutual interest in ...

Alice Bucknell

“Welcome to the future of Seasteading.”