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Index of Rhizome Today for August

By Rhizome

Rhizome Today is an experiment in ephemeral blogging: posts written and published each morning, and unpublished within a day. The latest post can always be found at http://www.rhizome.org/today.

After some discussion about the best way to wrap up each month's posts, we've decided to publish a list of topics and people covered on Today during the preceding month. Here is the index for Rhizome Today in August, 2014. 


  • Amazon (8-Aug, 11-Aug, 26-Aug)
  • ARE.NA (20-Aug)
  • Bomb Iraq (26-Aug)
  • Chat (5-Aug, 6-Aug, 7-Aug, 8-Aug, 12-Aug) 
  • Computer animation (13-Aug, 25-Aug)
  • Depression Quest (19-Aug, 20-Aug)
  • Drones (4-Aug)
  • Facebook (5-Aug, 11-Aug, 12-Aug, 22-Aug, 27-Aug)
  • Ferguson (13-Aug, 14-Aug, 15-Aug, 19-Aug)
  • Forensis (HKW Exhibition) (15-Aug)
  • Fuck Everything (video game/dating sim) (19-Aug, 20-Aug)
  • GIFs (1-Aug, 20-Aug, 25-Aug)
  • Helmet cams (15-Aug)
  • Instagram (4-Aug, 11-Aug, 12-Aug, 22-Aug, 27-Aug)
  • Kickstarter (4-Aug, 29-Aug)
  • Labor (15-Aug, 29-Aug)
  • Mail Art (19-Aug)
  • MS Paint (6-Aug)
  • Poetry (1-Aug, 7-Aug)
  • The sharing economy (7-Aug, 15-Aug, 26-Aug)
  • Snapchat (12-Aug)
  • Social Media (4-Aug, 5-Aug, 6-Aug, 7-Aug, 11-Aug, 12-Aug, 13-Aug, 14-Aug,15-Aug, 19-Aug, 20-Aug,21-Aug, 22-Aug, 26-Aug, 27-Aug, 28-Aug, 29-Aug)
  • The feed (5-Aug, 12-Aug, 21-Aug, 22-Aug)
  • Twitter (4-Aug, 5-Aug, 7-Aug, 11-Aug, 12-Aug, 13-Aug, 14-Aug, 15-Aug, 19-Aug, 20-Aug,21-Aug, 26-Aug,28-Aug,29-Aug)
  • Video (4-Aug (video of a drone), 5-Aug, 8-Aug (iMovie), 12-Aug, 13-Aug, 14-Aug, 15-Aug, 20-Aug, 21-Aug, 26-Aug, 27-Aug)
  • Video games (13-Aug, 19-Aug, 20-Aug, 26-Aug)
  • VSCO Cam (27-Aug)
  • Wikipedia (6-Aug, 12-Aug, 28-Aug)


  • Amalia Ulman (15-Aug)
  • Andrea Crespo (28-Aug, 29-Aug)
  • Andrew Cannon (25-Aug)
  • Ann Hirsch (19-Aug)
  • Bunny Rogers (12-Aug)
  • Christoph Schlingensief (4-Aug)
  • Micaël Reynaud (1-Aug)
  • Cory Arcangel (11-Aug)
  • Dan Phiffer (26-Aug)
  • Dragan Espenschied (1-Aug, 4-Aug, 11-Aug, 26-Aug)
  • Dread Scott (14-Aug)
  • Emilie Gervais (28-Aug)
  • Erica Love (29-Aug
  • Eteam (4-Aug)
  • Eva and Franco Mattes (28-Aug, 29-Aug)
  • Faith Holland (29-Aug)
  • Frances Stark (4-Aug, 7-Aug, 8-Aug)
  • Gabby Cepeda (29-Aug)
  • GCC (4-Aug)
  • Harry Burke (7-Aug, 15-Aug)
  • Jasper Spicero (12-Aug)
  • Jennifer Chan  (13-Aug)
  • Jesse Darling (5-Aug)
  • João Enxuto (29-Aug)
  • Joel Holmberg (1-Aug)
  • Keith J. Varadi (5-Aug)
  • Kevin Bewersdorf (1-Aug)
  • Kimmo Modig (5-Aug)
  • Lena NW (19-Aug, 20-Aug)
  • Loney Abrams (5-Aug)
  • Lu Yang (13-Aug)
  • Lucy Chinen (15-Aug)
  • Martha Hipley (11-Aug, 28-Aug)
  • Martine Syms (14-Aug, 28-Aug)
  • Michael Connor (15-Aug, 1-Aug)
  • Mike Francis (28-Aug)
  • Mike Pepi (29-Aug)
  • Mira Gonzalez (7-Aug)
  • Peter Watkins (14-Aug)
  • Petra Cortright (6-Aug)
  • Phoebe Morris (28-Aug)
  • Rebecca Peel (1-Aug)
  • Ross Caliendo (25-Aug)
  • Ryder Ripps (22-Aug)
  • Seth Price (21-Aug)
  • Stewart Home (6-Aug)
  • Tabor Robak (5-Aug)
  • Tom Moody (6-Aug)
  • Wolfgang Staehle (25-Aug)

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