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The Chambers Pavilion at The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale

Chambers Pavillion at The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale.

The Wrong—New Digital Art Biennaleaccessible only from November 1 through December 31, brings together 30 online "pavilions" showing curated artworks. Each pavilion is introduced by an informational web page on thewrong.org which includes an external link to the pavilion itself; pavilions often take the form of an artist- or curator-designed page through which one can access multiple artworks. For Chambers Pavilion, curator Sara Ludy invited eleven artists to create original, online "sound rooms" which can be accessed from a blueprint-like layout (pictured above). Select works from the pavilion are featured below.


Maryann Norman, Strm (2013). 


Robert Lorayn, Isolation Chamber (2013). 


Krist Wood, Corners (2013). 


 Bunny Rogers, Corners (2013). 

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Tom Moody Dec. 10 2013 08:05Reply

As an artist in this pavilion I would have hoped for a tad more critical commentary. Such as, how "Limelite Tab One Remix" injected some wacky "dump style" into the otherwise somber mood of the chambers you've depicted above. What was Sara Ludy thinking? (Thanks, Sara.) As mentioned in an earlier comment, artists have to do their own heavy lifting in terms of critical writing, so in that spirit, I posted some thoughts about the work of my co-chamberist, Rene Abythe: http://www.tommoody.us/archives/2013/11/06/rene-abythes-start-up-and-shutdown-sequence/

Heather Corcoran Dec. 10 2013 10:50Reply

Thanks Tom, I just saw that post of yours via Furtherfield's Twitter this morning and was glad for the description, because I hadn't experienced the piece properly either.

Tom Moody Dec. 11 2013 06:56Reply

Great, and thanks to Furtherfield for spreading the word on this. I mentioned Rene's piece and stooped to self-plugging because I think Nate Hitchcock's post does a disservice to the range of Ludy's choices in the "Chamber" - she went out on a limb beyond the standard net art "room with eerie drones" and then Hitchcock pruned the presentation back to basically that (nice as these examples may be).