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The Download: Deanna Havas


Rhizome is pleased to present The Download's first free and open project, featuring Deanna Havas. Havas offers a solution to earn back your membership donation once required to access The Download. By participating in the Affiliate Program (2013) a user can set up their own affiliate website to generate traffic to its host site, deannahavas.com. As an affiliate publisher, you will be reimbursed relative to how much traffic you drive to the site, which is calculated via metrics like pay per click and cost per impression. The package includes a small website, banner ads, and media ready to use for your microsite as well as step by step instructions to create your website. Affiliate Program creates an alternative economy that enables a Rhizome member to reap rewards by participating in the program.

The Download is Rhizome's digital art collecting program which features one work per month for free download. 

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Ryder Ripps March 12 2013 13:31Reply

the prevalence of such "affiliate programs" is such a real thing, a real funny thing thats like on a lot of porn type sites, funny in this context.