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Watch Rhizome's Nostalgic VHS History from 2001 — and Donate for 2013!

This informational video from 2001, recently unearthed in the archives, is a nostalgic reminder of Rhizome's roots. Though the VHS format is near obsolete, our history will never be, and we maintain the same international and community-driven spirit today as seen in this video.

Since 1996, Rhizome has evolved and refreshed many times over. From email list-serv to thriving non-profit, the organization always strives to bring together an international and diverse community. We hope to reinvigorate and re-engage the international community featured on our website by bringing our programs and events abroad. By hosting programs in other cities, Rhizome can promote artists and communities beyond New York City in more meaningful ways.

However, we must raise the necessary funds in order to realize our goals in 2013 and beyond. Every year we rely on our community to contribute to our operational budget in ways that grants and sponsorships cannot. Please consider contributing to the Community Fundraiser today. Your donation is a vote of confidence as we grow our programs in the next year.

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Carlo Zanni Dec. 13 2012 08:18Reply

This is a great doc !

I remember the days on Mercer st.
Mark Tribe kindly hosted a tube of paintings of mine for a while and I also had the pleasure to show my first piece at the FUN.

Thanks guys.

P.S.: any similar doc about the Media Z Lounge ?

Zoë Salditch Dec. 13 2012 15:50Reply

So happy to hear you liked the video, Carlo!

It's possible there is some kind of documentation about Media Z Lounge in the Rhizome or New Museum archives. We'll keep our eyes peeled!