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Community Campaign 2012: The Download features Ryder Ripps

In-process screenshot of Ryder Ripps's Facebook, courtsey of the artist

Last week, we kicked off our annual Community Campaign with the announcement of a new program for Rhizome members called The Download. Through The Download, Rhizome members are invited to get a first look at a new and significant artwork by one artist every month. Artworks will come in a variety of ubiquitous file formats such as .gifs, .html, .mov, and .jpegs. All works will be delivered as a .zip via The Download page. Once the artwork is downloaded, it is yours to collect, share with friends, and display on the screen of any suitable device. The Download is a premier opportunity to become a collector of great digital art!

For the first Download, we are highlighting a new work by conceptual artist Ryder Ripps (Internet Archaeology, dump.fm and OKFocus). Ryder Ripps's Facebook (2011) is a copy of his entire personal Facebook history including all of his photos, private messages, chats, and wall posts. The viewer is invited to explore all of Ripps's Facebook activity, exposing some of the most intimate and private information. As with previous works, this project confronts issues of privacy, Facebook, and fetishization of technology. Read more about Ripps's work on The Download page.

Next month, we will feature a new work by video artist Sabrina Ratté including music by Roger Tellier-Craig, aka Le Révélateur. Look out for more information about upcoming featured artists in the next few months.

The Download is supported by the Artist Fund, a pool of financial support generated by our members that is divided evenly among the participating artists. You can learn more about The Download and the Artist Fund on the FAQ page.

If you would like to be able to receive The Download first-hand and directly support artists, please contribute to Rhizome's Community Campaign and the Artists Fund today!

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Tom Moody Nov. 10 2011 09:57Reply

Neither this post nor Joanne McNeil's paragraphs describing The Download mention that Ryder Ripps has deleted his Facebook account and this download of all his data is connected to that. That's kind of a big deal, especially since Ripps has been a Facebook love/hate supporter for some time. McNeil mentions that an artist named Kevin Bewersdorf deleted his data from his site once and murkily suggests that Ripps' The Download has something to do with that. This isn't even a case of "burying the lead"–hiding it, more like. But why?
All the best,
Tom Moody

Zoë Salditch Nov. 10 2011 12:58Reply

Thanks Tom, that's a valid point – we've updated The Download page.

rene abythe Nov. 11 2011 19:32Reply

wheres the chat.html

Ryder Ripps Nov. 12 2011 11:37Reply

hey rene (love),

i dont really use fb chat,, but i think they are saved in messages,,

all on view here as well http://ryder-ripps.com/facebook/html/profile.html


Tom Moody Nov. 15 2011 23:18Reply

Since Ryder has reactivated his Facebook account the download of his data now seems like a bit of a hollow stunt. We're back to Joanne McNeil's meditations on temporality as the justification for this artwork but now she's taken her name off those paragraphs!