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Rhizome at No Soul for Sale and David Horvitz's Mail Nothing to the Tate Modern

By Rhizome


Rhizome will be participating in this year's No Soul For Sale: A Festival of Independents at the Tate Modern. From May 14-16th, more than 70 independent arts organizations from all over the world will present films, performances, exhibitions, and more within the Turbine Hall. If you live in London or happen to be there during that weekend, please drop by and say hello.


For the festival, Rhizome has teamed up with artist David Horvitz to present "Mail Nothing to the Tate Modern. This project invites anyone to track and mail empty packages to the Tate Modern, where they will be displayed unopened in the Rhizome space. The website for Mail Nothing to the Tate Modern will display the movement of all these packages, creating a "mental picture of the vast global infrastructure of shipping." Visit the website Mail Nothing to the Tate Modern for instructions about participating in this exhibition -- all packages must be received by May 10th or 11th.

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. May 3 2010 14:59Reply

I trust you have set aside funding to carbon offset this project.

Jordan Rhoat May 4 2010 17:48Reply

for real. this is dumb as fuck.

... May 3 2010 15:08Reply

How about you pay $28 to send nothing to the Tate Modern, who will then exhibit nothing, and nothing is gained but a nice name on my resume.

And what is the concept behind the nothing? Nothing! Brilliant!

. May 3 2010 16:06Reply

it isn't the Tate exhibiting. It's an art fair to which Rhizome have been invited along with a few hundred other art orgs.

You'd have to be pretty desperate to stick that on your CV. "Yeah, I sent an empty box to Rhizome and they had a heap of 'em behind their fold-up table in the Turbine Hall."

Nice one.

. May 3 2010 16:26Reply

Yes, in this instance you would.

. May 3 2010 15:58Reply

a "mental picture of the vast global infrastructure of shipping."

mental as in, in my head, as in imaginary?

Brian Droitcour May 3 2010 17:08Reply

Why do you think engagement with an artist's project has to be rewarded with an easily quantified benefit?

. May 3 2010 17:31Reply

project as in hobby?

feel free to actually read and mentally quantify the commentaries Brian.

m May 3 2010 17:43Reply

Have you made sure that the Tate can reuse these empty boxes after the weekend? Or are you sending them all back to NYC for archiving?

If they are simply recycled, the Tate will have to pay to do that - taking money away from elsewhere.

y'all h8rs got no soul