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Photos of Mail Nothing to the Tate Modern

Animated Gif by Matt Gaffney

David Horvitz took photos of all the packages received for his Mail Nothing to the Tate Modern project, exhibited in Rhizome's space last week during No Soul For Sale. The photos are now up on the Mail Nothing to the Tate Modern site, click the tab "photos" on the left side to view. Thank you again to everyone who participated!

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Lee Wells May 26 2010 11:35Reply

Did you know that BP is one of the Tate's biggest supporters.

Michael Szpakowski May 26 2010 12:14Reply

Yes - it'd be nice to see the Tate taking a stand, wouldn't it? But of course it's not just BP , although that currently raises the question in a particularly acute way; it's private sponsorship of the arts in general - the banks, car manufacturers & what have you, all of whom are villains when you dig deep enough (not very).
I fear without some encouragement from below it's unlikely that we'll see change - we've had all sorts of interviews in the papers with the great and good of the arts here about the new Tory/Lib Dem govt & one thing that seems to unite them all is their rabbit in the headlights cowardice and paralysis in the face of authority - the govt wants more private sponsorship? - well, we'll adopt a twin track tactic of schmoozing as much as possible to hang on to what we've got whilst trying to show them we are game to try and get more private (tainted) money in. I think the mind set of leading arts admin figures here is pretty much set to deferential and, that horrible word, "realistic".

That also leads to dreadful instrumentalist attempts to justify the arts in terms of their utility &, by implication, accepting cuts have to fall somewhere, which pits the arts against schools, hospitals whatever.

I'm for a bit of Greek style resistance that tells the banks & the government that we're not taking *any* sort of cuts, hospitals, persions, arts funding, schools…let the rich pay for it all, not through sponsorship but expropriation!


Michael Szpakowski May 26 2010 13:06Reply

Lovely drawing from Dave Miller,


posted on Netbehaviour the other day….