Dispatches from No Soul For Sale: Filipa Oliveira + Miguel Amado



Lisbon-based curatorial team Filipa Oliveira + Miguel Amado exhibited a few works in their space, one of which is this project by Lindner & Steinbrenner titled Start Spreading the News (2010). According to the press release, the work, "consists of a printer connected to the Internet continuously printing on A4 sheets of paper everything that is worth being reported by Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading press agency. This device is located on top of a ladder, so every minute 2/3 sheets of paper will tumble into the ground, each containing absolutely unfiltered news from somewhere in the world. These are words that have no feedback from the audience, allegorically replicating the way most information is circulated on a global scale. Through the poetic image of “falling news” that they created, the artists question the power of the media in the shaping of the current visions of the world."