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uninspired minimalist graphics and harmonica (2010) - Jacob Broms Engblom


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Peer Dassow March 5 2010 14:01Reply

I love this

Daniel Leyva March 5 2010 16:08Reply

Me too ^

caitlin denny March 5 2010 18:19Reply

peer, where have u been???

Peer Dassow March 6 2010 04:55Reply

Dear Caitlin,

I have been styding the arts with my Mentor/friend Mr. Yhata (japanese but moved to Berlin to study wood carving but soon mastered it and went back to the arts)

I have learned and am almost ready to Make more Art.

Do you Still want to give Me Your address so I can send you the eMails which Get Delivered back to me due to "Perminate failure?"

I am still working on my English and soon I will be a writer, In the Mean time please bare me.



Jeanette Hayes March 8 2010 13:02Reply

awesome, jacob