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Untitled (2010) - Brody Condon




In coordination with Saks Fifth Avenue and the PS1 Greater New York Exhibition, Brody Condon was invited to contribute a project to be displayed in the Saks window on 50th St. Brody’s proposal was to film a performance inside Saks itself. To his surprise Saks was familiar with his work and agreed.

The piece, a modification of the Trisha Brown work Accumulation (1971), is a floor-based dance performance based on various seizure-like movements choreographed by Stephen Lichty, who is himself familiar with movement disorders.

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Tom Moody 5 years, 8 months agoReply

Why is Saks' green light for this a "surprise"? Guess everyone's forgotten heroin chic and Diesel's "dead teenagers" campaign. And name-checking Trisha Brown, how wonderfully correct.

brody 5 years, 8 months agoReply

walking into saks and asking them if dancers could have seizures throughout the store and them agreeing? yes, that was a suprise. http://dismagazine.com/dystopia/4591/brody-condon-somewhere-on-the-floor/

not sure where the grudge comes from T, but stop by the studio - its not anything we can't work out with a bottle of whiskey and some oil wrestling.

Tom Moody 5 years, 5 months agoReply

Just saw this reply from brody.
I love the way criticism can be reduced to a "grudge," especially when coupled with a "threat."
For the record, folks, I don't know brody.