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Boolean Nature. Rock. (2008) - Hugo Arcier

[3d image in 80 cm x 120 cm format.]

[Previzualisation. Sculpture created using a prototyping technique. Size: 15 cm in diameter.]

In logic and computer programming, a Boolean operator is a type of variable between two states. In computer-generated imagery, Boolean operations enable us to subtract, add or create an intersection between two objects.

In this series I subtract a sphere from a landscape. The latter becomes hollow. It is sterile, it lacks something, the breath of life. It is a morbid image: a Boolean nature.

A sculpture completes the image by representing the missing part.
The sum of the image and the sculpture forms the landscape in its entirety.

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Kari Altmann July 8 2010 00:21Reply


Boolean Nature July 8 2010 07:44Reply

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