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PARTY FOOD (2006-Ongoing) - Joseph Gillette






[Stills from various episodes of PARTY FOOD.]


PARTY FOOD is a multi-dimensional art project that began as a few drawings and short stories in 2006. What followed has become a blend of performance, installation, and media that cannot be defined but through experience.

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Edwin VanGorder July 29 2010 02:27Reply

I enjoyed the very complex topography of the work which begins at the end, contrasting movement as motion and movement as entirely within a static object.In the rest of the work the state of information context was dramatically more interesting than a "thematic " approach. The inevitable contrast of edge to center information network was interestingly relayed in contrasting centers in motion generating a still via spatial consequence, and centers stable surrounded by inquisitive space, all of which dialectic subsumes to variable release to new states of mind and place.

usaugg-shops Aug. 4 2010 06:01Reply

and instead we live in the ideal and fantasy of what Summer becomes. We anticipate this time of year with a child like earnestness and we willfully throw ourselves into a haze, from which we slowly find our way back into reality.