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OnTopOfTheEmpire.com (2010) - Angelo Plessas



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Dylan Reece Feb. 10 2010 12:34Reply

Very nice.

Tom Zamir March 16 2010 16:27Reply

On Top of the Empire (OnTopOfTheEmpire.com) is an interactive sound artwork. Upon browsing to the web page, a black screen welcomes the user. In search of links or buttons, the user quickly learns that moving the courser across the page interacts with the program. As the courser moves on top of the black screen, a colorful square follows it leaving a trace of its path. Every turn of the mouse cause the square to grow larger or smaller. If your speakers are on, as soon as the square appears, you will begin to hear a sound that changes according to the movements of the mouse. Motion down or right makes the square smaller and the pitch of the drone sound lower. Motion up or right makes the square larger and the pitch of the drone sound higher. The minimalistic design of the visual/audio elements of the piece and the nature of the sound itself (dissonant accords) create a sort of an ire, unsettling, feel for the piece. The domain name suggests perhaps the intention of the artist in placing this piece on the internet as a drone gliding on top of everything. The piece is anonymous and gives no information about itself. A Google search connects it to artist Angelo Plessas, and to the creation date of 2010, but no additional information is found anywhere. Its anonymity and ambitious name contribute to its mystery giving it a stronger presentation.