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"Triple Canopy: The Medium Was Tedium" on Friday


Join us this Friday, February 19th, at 7pm in the New Museum's theater for the next New Silent Series event, Triple Canopy: The Medium Was Tedium.

Triple Canopy is an online magazine that explores how the Web informs the experience of reading literature and viewing artworks. The publication’s development has been inspired in part by a critical engagement with the legacy of Aspen magazine (1965-71). Artists and writers contributed projects to Aspen in the form of easily distributable media such as flip books, flexi-disc records, and paper sculpture. These projects coincided with a broader contemporaneous phenomenon: artworks intended to appear exclusively in magazines. The New Silent event, The Medium Was Tedium, examines how this move from the exhibition space to the printed page has been subsequently repeated by artists in relation to other media, such as television programming and the Internet. Triple Canopy’s editors will discuss practices that traverse mediums and the media with artists Mel Bochner, Daniel Bozhkov, and Erin Shirreff.

Friday, February 19, 7pm
at the New Museum, New York, NY
$6 Members/ $8 General Public

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Paris Feb. 20 2010 14:24Reply

I was interested in attending this but missed it: was it recorded or transcribed by any chance? podcastttttt? otherwise i'm falling asleep to it's always sunny on hulu tonight.