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Buchla Christmas by Warner Jepson

Need tunes for your holiday party? Brooklyn-based experimental label SHINKOYO just released this little gem - a 1969 recording by Bay Area composer Warner Jepson of Christmas carols, recorded entirely on the Buchla 100 Analog Modular Synthesizer housed at the Mills College Electronic Music Studios. Jepson, in a description accompanying the track, recalls that he produced "Buchla Christmas" as a soundtrack for a children's holiday party, hosted by SFMOMA.

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Joan Collins Dec. 18 2010 00:19Reply

When our friends become successful,” the song went, over a restless backbeat, “it leaves but little time for other occupations.”

Joan Collins Dec. 24 2010 17:58Reply

____________as Tess Ocean - "The Wild Card" (Museum Curator)[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EERqB9VyisU*]