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Call for Papers and Proposals

ISEA2011 Istanbul


ISEA2011 Istanbul just announced the call for their conference next year. See below for more information, to apply visit the original call here. Deadline is December 1, 2010.

We invite proposals for panels, artworks, papers and workshops form artists, scientist and academics interested in how the digital and electronic media are re-shaping contemporary society and behaviors. ISEA2011 Istanbul will be open to proposals encompassing a large range of topics under the general theme of interdisciplinarity at the intersection of Art, Science and Technology. It is our intention to appeal to the hard sciences and the humanities as well as the art community.

For this reason ISEA2011 Istanbul will host a large variety of thematic strands ranging from digital art to curatorial studies, from electronic media to digital architecture, from the intersection of art, science and technology to the concept of the digital city, from digital humanities to social media, from nanotechnology and art to urban ecologies, from transculturalism to mobile art, and more.

The ISEA2011 Istanbul exhibition will coincide with the Istanbul Biennial and will provide a fantastic opportunity to showcase contemporary new media arts.

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Edwin VanGorder Aug. 11 2010 19:16Reply

Yes, I believe I will be very happy to forward to this forum the comments I submitted to the Rhizom discussion thread but which didnt quite get up front to the effect that the ephermara which artists propose have radically altered the found object take on publishing(which has itself become an institution salient digital modes imbedded to curating, gifting, zines, print on demand resources, real time on line residencies etc. and which once were a focus on marketing are today more open to Robert Smithson's critique that the marketability of art is its weakness. If the found object as an initial thread of artsits ephemera has become an institution itself its Institutional Critique may well be a passage from anti art to art for arts sake and this betokens the all liability of art criticism at the end of its age to philosophy as a closing of the circle and what is philosophy if not art for arts sake.
My enthusiam for digital drawing as a mode that states physicallity formerly of sheer and torsion of traditional means to a linking of the human reflex arcs cortically integrated as rythm in relation to the computers own scrolling process is passion for a medium that I believe is most beloved in the UK. Why? A hint for me was having the BMLP ask me for an abstract of my blog and the British Minority Language Project works to link productively the diversity of dialects in the UK ie Scots, Ulns, Manx, Welsh, Guinea, Gaelic, Irish etc . I had and do observe in my blogs that drawing is like pidgin english of the visual languages, ie it is not a bastardized version of another language but rather has its own innate language impulse and is a structuralism.
I believe the passion for digital drawing and drawing in general in the UK ie www.drawingpower.com, www.c4rd,www.tracey.com, The London Drawing Room, www.creativityandembodiedmind.com,INTUT, etc… has to do with drawing as belonging to language building and sharing, and the digital realm in its new incarnation as language promotes or can promote a new commonality within diversity…If trope is the art imagination and if entropy are the measures of change a system can withstand digital drawing is a kind of tropentropy of drawing becoming philosophy as well as ever it has.