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97 polysiloxane hoses (2010) - Zimoun

97 polysiloxane hoses 3.0mm, compressed air
Size: 200cm x 200cm x 100cm / 40" x 40" x 20".
In collaboration with Daniel Imboden / dim-tech (technical development).

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cowwithaballoon April 27 2010 02:11Reply

A very interesting piece. I wonder how they arrived at the number 97, but other than that I think it is wonderful. It is sculpture meets musical instrument meet unnecessary engineering accomplishment. The video seemed to almost be in stop motion at time. It seemed very natural to me. Like watching grass blowing in a field or plants moving with the sun. It also reminded me of those inflatable wavy arm things you see outside car dealerships sometime. The white color really leaves it up to your imagination. I also like how you can see the tubing under neath and the big blue tank pumping the air. it shows you how it works so that you can think about other things. I don't know if it is trying to tell me something about global warming or if it is just a giant waste of time. But it is art so really what is the difference. :)