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By Rhizome

Image: Rafaël Rozendaal , RGB, 2001

Rhizome is pleased to announce the launch of the online exhibition "HTML Color Codes" organized by Carolyn Kane, Rhizome Curatorial Fellow.

The HTML Color Codes exhibition features a selection of internet based artwork that address the topic of digital color. The central question that the exhibition poses is whether or not artists working with the internet are in fact limited to a “ready-made” color palette, a premise that many artists working with film, photography, and mass produced, standardized paint sets have assumed. The rationale for this question stems from theories of perception that argue that color is a not ready-made object found in a paint set or machine, but rather it is an experience that results from a complex process of light interacting with the retina and human nervous system.

Artists include: Chris Ashley, Michael Atavar, Michael Demers, dlsan, Jacob Broms Engblom, Elna Frederick, Morgan Rush Jones, Brian Piana, Owen Plotkin, Rafaël Rozendaal, Andrew Venell, and Noah Venezia.

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Siegfried Holzbauer Oct. 1 2009 03:01Reply

Great, I´m very curious about this exhibition. Since 1997 I´m publishing HTML-based art, which I call "The Squaring of Words" (http://www.advancedpoetx.com/10W2/sq00i.html) on my website http://www.advancedpoetx.com

Tobias Leingruber Oct. 10 2009 08:46Reply

This one fits into this genre,too: http://fffff.at/bada55-in-a-can/ by Evan Roth

Carolyn Kane Oct. 11 2009 16:32Reply

Hi Everyone,

Thanks so much for these links—they are especially helpful for my ongoing research and writing on electronic color—stay in touch! Let me know what you are doing with color…


Carolyn Kane
PhD Candidate Media, Culture, and Communication
239 Greene St. 7th Floor
New York University

Raphaël Bastide Oct. 12 2009 07:33Reply

Twitter + Hexa colors = http://netart.lowfi.es/ By Carlo Lowfi