The Rhizome 50,000 Dollar Webpage


64,000 Down! 936,000 To Go!

It's been almost a full week since the launch of The Rhizome 50,000 Dollar Webpage and things are off to a great start! We have had a dynamic group participate so far including individual artists, non-profits, TV production companies, grassroots organizations, universities, and a plethora of blogs. The project has also gotten great press including mentions in two notorious three-letter publications AFC and WSJ. We've enjoyed watching the newly purchased pixels appear everyday and we are very excited to see what people come up with next! Check back here each week to see our highlights of the past week's activity. You have until May 28th (the night of our annual Benefit event) to get on the page so if you are interested in purchasing pixels, want to learn more about the project, or just want to watch the webpage evolve please visit...