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Paul Sharits'

"Shutter Interface" at Greene Naftali Gallery

Video: Paul Sharits, Shutter Interface, 1975 (Installation at Greene Naftali, 2009)

Image: Paul Sharits, Shutter Interface, 1975 (Installation at Greene Naftali, 2009)

A restoration of Paul Sharits' 1975 installation Shutter Interface, now on view at Greene Naftali Gallery in New York, will close this weekend, so get over to Chelsea while you can. Rarely screened during Sharits' lifetime, this project was recovered in a collaborative effort by Anthology Film Archives and Greene Naftali. A noted example of "expanded cinema," four 16mm films loop onto four separate screens, accompanied by four soundtracks played simultaneously. The resulting color and sound feed in and out, to a deliriously pulsating effect. A collection of Sharits' drawings and diagrams are on display in the second room, providing an overview of Sharits' research and interests.

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ed halter March 20 2009 15:26Reply

It's actually been extended to Apr 11, though that doesn't seem to be listed on their site.

Ceci Moss March 20 2009 18:43Reply

Thanks for alerting me to that, Ed! I'm glad they extended it.