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Card Catalog (2008) - Tim Schwartz


A card catalog designed to hold all of the songs on my iPod, 7,390 songs. Each song is cataloged on a single card. The cards are organized in reverse chronological order, that is the songs I listened to most recently are in the front of the catalog, and the songs I haven’t listened to in two years exist at the back. The piece is seven feet long when closed and just under fourteen feet when opened.

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Andy April 9 2009 23:38Reply

I had to smile at this one. I am not sure but I think my two teenagers have managed to somehow accumulate at least this many too but I promise you they would not have taken the time to write it all out and do something like this. Interesting mix of the current generation's media with another generation's organization method. It feels like such a waste of time but then that is exactly how it was done just a few short decades ago. I am 48 and I have spent more than one Saturday looking through those drawers for a book for research. Not so long ago I did some research on colon cancer early symptoms and I can't even imagine the time Google saved me over this now archaic method. What a beautiful way to take me back 30 years to what now seems like a simpler time.

Andy April 9 2009 23:47Reply

Wow, I really messed that link up, so here goes another try colon cancer early symptoms Thank you for your patience.