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Twitter SK8 (2009) - JODI

Wireless Keyboard / Skateboards Streaming to Twitter

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Meghan Green June 22 2009 16:39Reply

No doubt the best use of twitter I've seen yet.
The resulting twitter messages have about the same value as 95% of any tweets ever broadcast through twitter.
Just my personal interpretation of the artwork :)

Jonathanboettcher June 24 2009 22:22Reply

I'd recently experimented with outsroucing a PHP script, and while on the job board one day I noticed that people were outsourcing article writing. So I decided to give that a shot. Maybe I could solve my problem by giving it to someone else!

So I posted my first article job, and got a whole bunch of bids. I selected one that would give me 10 articles for $30. "This is great!" I thought - "I can get for $3 what it was taking me an hour to do - OUTSOURCING RULES!!!"

JJ Jansen June 29 2009 04:15Reply

Ha Ha,

Great Video, I haven't started using twitter yet, but it sure does seem like the thing to do, just like facebook a few years back!